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‘Deadpool 2’ TV Spots: DP Hits 7-Eleven and Becomes a Stripper

Once Avengers: Infinity War was out of the way, our favorite anti-hero was bound to appear out of nowhere. Today, 7-Eleven took to Twitter and shared how Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) makes their life better (or more miserable).

DP hits three 7-Eleven stores and makes sure his voice, and his colors, are shown in every inch of the stores. First, he hits the store in Los Angeles, where we see his face in a parking spot and the entry doors. The boss isn’t too happy, as DP is ‘mocking’ his business. However, not everyone is in a foul mood like the first guy. The second store he hit is in New York, where the lady behind the counter said he knew it was Deadpool doing it. He showed some appreciation towards her by drawing an ’employee of the month’ poster right on the spot where she stands behind the counter. Also, the guy in Texas doesn’t know whether to eat his Deadpool pizza or to frame it. I’d say eat one and frame the others!

Check out even more new footage of Deadpool below!

Around the first 25 seconds we see someone around a pole dancing, soon we see that’s it Deadpool dancing around a pole in a blonde wig. Yes, with his mask still on! The TV-spot also gives us a look at X-Force interactions.

Deadpool 2 hits theatres on May 18, are you ready?