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Darren Criss Just Covered a ‘Les Misérables’ Classic and Of Course, It’s Amazing

It goes without saying that Darren Criss is extremely talented.

Darren Criss Just Covered a 'Les Misérables' Classic and Of Course, It's Amazing

He totally crushed it as Blaine Anderson on Glee (I fully believe that he saved that show) and then went on to headline Hedwing and the Angry Inch on Broadway to sold out theaters every night. Now he’s in his own band with his brother, Chuck and they are killing the summer song game.

Darren Criss Just Covered a 'Les Misérables' Classic and Of Course, It's Amazing

What you may not know is that Darren Criss first hit the scene while he was in college. Criss and his friends from the University of Michigan co-founded the musical theater production company, StarKid Productions. They reached viral fame with their epic work of art, A Very Potter Musical, with music and lyrics by Darren Criss and A. J. Holmes.

If you have not seen it yet, YouTube it. I promise you will not be disappointed. Watch the first song and see for yourself!

To further relish in his love of live theater Criss co-created Elsie Fest in 2015, which is described as New York City’s first outdoor music festival celebrating tunes from the stage and screen. Along with Criss the 2016 lineup included the likes of Megan Hilty, Tituss Burgess, Todrick Hall, Lena Hall, Jason Robert Brown, and Corey Cott.

So, to announce this year’s Elsie Fest, Criss released an acoustic and more upbeat version of Les Misérables “I Dreamed a Dream” and just like everything else Darren Criss touches, it sounds amazing! Somehow he manages to both strip it down yet at the same time give it a new fresh beat. The video is filmed in some sort of warehouse, making Criss and his guitar the sole focus.

For more information on Elsie Fest visit their official website.