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Daniel Radcliffe cast as an Angel in Miracle Workers

Daniel Radcliffe is taking on a new role, and it’s something fans have been wanting for a long time. This time, we’re not talking about his upcoming film roles, we’re talking about Daniel coming to US television.

Just days after we found out that Daniel was cast in a new film Guns Akimbo, and a prison drama Escape from Pretoria, we’ve just received news that he will star in a ‘heaven-based workplace comedy’ called Miracle Workers.

Daniel will be cast as ‘Craig’ an angel who is responsible for the prayers of all humanity, his boss is literally the big man upstairs and he’s sort of, checked out. EW reports that God has all but checked out to focus on the small joys in the afterlife and has left Craig to singlehandedly prevent Earth’s destruction.

Curious as to who is playing God? Owen Wilson.

Having Daniel Radcliffe and Owen Wilson join the TBS family is proof of the continued evolution of this comedy brand as the home of the most creative minds in the business. Owen Wilson has long been a comic genius, and Daniel’s performance in last year’s Swiss Army Man really proved that there’s a sophisticated comedian under the surface of those brilliant dramatic chops.

We’re looking forward to seeing the two of them working together, especially on a project like this one. There will undoubtedly be humor and some sentimental moments and with the blending of their personalities, we’re sure it’ll be interesting from the beginning until the end of every episode.

Miracle Workers is based on What in God’s Name by Simon Rich. Simon created the show and will also stand as a show runner. Lorne Michaels is set to be the executive producer.

Brett Weitz, the executive vice president of original programming for TBS had this to say about the series.

‘Simon and Lorne are total pros in walking the tightrope between reality and ridiculousness, and they do it with a lot of heart and wit.’

Do you plan on watching the new series? Do you think they’ll make a good pair? Let us know.

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