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‘CTR’ Unveils Some “Crate” New Bonus Content – Rotating Challenges & Much More

Published on March 27th, 2020 | Updated on March 27th, 2020 | By FanFest

Crash Team Racing might have just finished their FINAL Grand Prix – the Gasmoxia Grand Prix – but that doesn’t mean the N-Sanity is over. For the past year, Beenox has consistently expanded CTR’s roster of tracks and characters with each successive ‘Grand Prix’. As a thank you for all the support, Beenox wanted to do something special. The aptly named “Beenox Bonus Pack” is free to all players and not only signals the start of new rotating challenges but also new ways to interact with the game as a whole.

New & Returning Challenges – Ghost Hunts, Golden Wumpa Hunts & More:

What made the Grand Prix’s so fun – besides the new content – was a chance to keep testing your skills against new and evolving challenges. As such, Beenox is not only bringing back some fan-favorite challenges (Hunts) from past seasons, but also adding new Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges for racers to push towards. So whether you’re new to the game or already a Master, these new “Wumpa Challenges” will vastly improve the desire to come back each day, challenge yourself and earn some loot.

As for returning challenges (Hunts), the Ghost Hunts from “Spooky Grand Prix” will return specifically for the Nina’s Nightmare track. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of challenge, it involves you smashing crates to free some speedy ghost and then you trying catching up to them. Similarly the Golden Wumpa Hunts – first introduced in the “Rustlands Grand Prix” – will remain in game and give you even more chances to obtaining a stash of Wumpa Coins.

Though the biggest challenge coming in this special update will be in the form of Dev Time Trials. You’ve beaten Oxide’s Ghosts and maybe even Emperor Velo’s Ghosts; but now it’s time to test your skills against the most hardcore racers around: the Developers. If you can beat the best the Beenox team has to offer on each track, you’ll be rewarded with a super special set of Legendary Wheels.

Credit: Beenox/ Activision

Beenox Bonus Pack Skins & Revisions:

In the past, each Grand Prix had its own inspiration/ feel. If you wanted apocalyptic, you liked the “Rustlands Grand Prix”. If you wanted Time-Travel related stuff, you liked “Back N. Time Grand Prix”. Now in the “Beenox Bonus Pack”, the designers got a chance to revisit some old themes with a new twist. There’s a numbers creative threads already out there, and this content drop shows that they can now pull on whichever ones they feel like. To demonstrate this, we now have Baby Cortex and Baby N.Tropy – a style from the “Back N. Time Grand Prix” era – as well as the Fan-Requested redesign of Riller Roo, who first came out in the “Winter Grand Prix”. But if you were one of the racers who liked his original look more, then fear not! That option has remained for fans as well.

A New Way To Play:

There’s also a bunch of improvements that change the ways you can interact/ experience the game. For example: if you really like a certain track’s music, you can now listen to it on demand via the Options menu. Though the best example of ‘new ways to experience the game’ involves the new “Beenox Crates” hidden within each level. When I first went to demo this game over a year ago, I joked about how the levels were so beautiful that I just wanted to forget about the race and explore them. Well, now you’ll have to as each level has a secret Beenox Crate hidden within it.

Unlike past discoverables, there’s no need to find it and then complete the race. You can exit the race as soon as you break the crate. So forget the race and take some time to actually EXPLORE every nook and cranny of these beautifully designed tracks. Breaking each of these crates will reward you with the new “Iron Checkpoint Crate” character which – of course – has a slew of skins of its own. I personally will be exploring; but if you’re the impatient type, Canadian Guy Eh has a super handy video on how to locate each one!

All in all, I didn’t expect future CTR updates; but that makes the “Beenox Bonus Pack” the best kind of update! The fact that we got so many short term – and long term – gifts in one update shows just how much Beenox truly appreciates its fan base!

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