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Country Musician Brad Paisley Invites Singing Police Officers to Perform at His Concert

The internet can be a dark and negative place sometimes, however, every once in a while, social media goes wild with the latest viral sensation that just warms your heart and lifts up your spirits. The below video featuring officers Stephen McNulty and Kim Tavares is one of those wonderful viral sensations.

It’s easy to see why the video has gone viral. The clip shows the two offices riding in their patrol car and breaking out into the song God Bless America. The duo proceeds to sing the entire thing in pitch-perfect harmony and it sounds amazing! McNulty and Tavares sound so amazing, in fact, that they’ve caught the attention of one of the biggest names in Country Music today, Brad Paisley.

Paisley saw their video and was so moved by their performance and their amazing sound that he is actually now using the power of social media to contact the two offices. Paisley offered them both the opportunity not only to attend one of his shows when his tour comes to Massachusetts but to join him on stage to sing with the Country superstar. Paisley tweeted, “If you officers wanna sing when I play MA in August, open invite.”

Check out the tweet and the video below:

There’s no word yet on whether or not the offices will be taking Paisley up on his offer to take center stage during his show in August, but we sure hope they do! Paisley will be headlining a show on August 11th in Mansfield, Massachusetts at the Xfinity Center.

What do you think of the singing Officers’ viral video? Would you like to see them join Brad Paisley on stage during one of his shows? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


Source: Taste of Country