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Conflict Creeps in During new Preview for ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 903

Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead will expand a mystery that is spreading rapidly in the various settlements.

The preview video for episode 903, ‘Warning Signs’ is here, along with the synopsis:

Rick’s vision for the future is threatened by a mysterious disappearance that divides the work camp where the communities are building a bridge.

The camp is certainly divided, and you can see that even moreso in the preview teaser.

Episode 902, The Bridge, aired last night, with Savior Justin (played by Zach McGowan) being banished from all the settlements after he got into several  physical fights with Daryl. His irresponsible actions also led to the log incident which cost Aaron (Ross Marquand) his entire left arm.

As he drunkely walks out of camp, he’s taken by somebody he initially recognizes positively. Six other Saviors are found to go missing throughout the episode as well. Alden, played by Callan McAuliffe, voices his concerns about it causing a ruckus over at the Sanctuary.

Negan has spent 19 months in prison, and they are currently being led by Daryl, who doesn’t necessarily like them.
In episode 903, the “whodunnit” will escalate as people learn of the mysterious Savior disappearances. Tensions rise and Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Maggie have to face some difficult questions, and find answers.

Maggie and Daryl find themselves two peas in a pod, while others seem to be pointing fingers and getting more and more paranoid.

Episode 902 of The Walking Dead, ‘Warning Signs airs on Sunday, October 21st on AMC.