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Chris Evans Joins CBeebies for yet Another Bedtime Story

You’d be hard pressed to find something that Chris Evans is bad at, and we mean that with all sincerity. He’s uber talented, he’s compassionate, he’s handsome, he’s the kind of friend you wish you could have, a man who cares deeply about his friends and family, and he’s even a good ex-boyfriend. Yep, you heard us right.

It’s not like Chris has very public relationships, but his most recent ex, Jenny Slate, had nothing but wonderful things to say about him and what he said about her was even more beautiful. He called Jenny his favorite human and said that she was the best. How often do you hear anyone talk so fondly about someone things didn’t work out with?

We’re not saying Chris is perfect, but we’re saying Chris is perfect, and while we’re on the subject of all the things he excels at, well, we have to include bedtime stories. That’s not a phrase we thought we’d be saying but when CBeebies asked Chris to read a bedtime story about superheroes, we were smitten. Actually, the entire internet was smitten. We hailed it as our best bedtime story ever.

Then, he joined CBeebies again for another bedtime story, only this time, it was a construction bedtime story and it was somehow even more charming.

If you’re anything like us, you stopped hearing bedtime stories, oh…years (and years) ago and are probably used to falling asleep to the background noise of television or music or one of those soundboxes that’s supposed to remind you of the ocean but sort of sounds like scary movie static.  It’s no wonder our sleep isn’t as sound as it used to be.

However, if we could get Chris Evans to read us to sleep every night, well, we’d probably all have more pleasant sleep – or more pleasant lives in general.

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