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Check Out ‘Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie’

Have you ever wondered what the cast of Bob’s Burgers is up to when they aren’t doing vocal recordings for the show?  Well, in the new short film, appropriately named Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie, you can find out!

BobsBurgersThe film, produced by Bento Box Entertainment and Bouchard’s Wilo Productions, was written by John Roberts (the voice of Linda), Rich Blomquist, and Kristen Schaal (the voice of Louise) who also directed the film.  The short features appearances by the whole cast of characters; including voice actors Dan Mintz (Tina), H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Eugene Mirman (Gene), Larry Murphy (Teddy), Kevin Kline (Mr. Fischoeder), David Herman (Mr. Frond), Brooke Dillman (several character voices), and show creator Loren Bouchard.

The Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie had only bee screened during the Bob’s Burgers Live! show tour in Los Angeles however, thanks to the internets, fans all over the world can watch the short film.

Bob’s Burgers will be celebrating its 100th episode this Sunday, May 22nd at 9:30pm on Fox.  In order to kick off the celebration, check out the short film below!

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