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Chandler Riggs Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Will Have ‘Lots of Explosions, Killing and Negan’

The cast of The Walking Dead is in the spotlight not just when the series is airing new seasons, but in the time that exists between them as well. From working on other projects to traveling for conventions, they all stay busy and in touch with their fans.

While we appreciate being part of The Walking Dead family all the time, we really enjoy the weeks leading up to season premieres. Promo season brings incredible interviews and behind the scenes looks and information on what we can expect next.

Most recently, Chandler Riggs spoke about season  8 and so far (without spoilers) his explanation has us the most excited.

‘Season 7 was all about building up and getting everyone ready to fight against Negan, and this season there’s going to be lots of explosions, lots of killing, a lot more Negan. Yeah, lots of fighting, lots of cool stuff. It’s really, really fun this season.’

In whatever twisted way exists, we’re looking forward to the explosions and fighting and killing and even the ‘more Negan’.

He also mentioned characters he feels sorry for, with them coming in in the middle of a war and only being seen as a target or a pawn.

‘We’ve had a few characters this season who I feel so bad for, because they’re coming in in the midst of all the war and the craziness with the explosions and everything. Yeah, I mean I definitely feel like an OG or a veteran because I’ve been on since I was 10. I still love it. I still have so much fun doing it. Especially in the last few seasons, getting to do more and more with my character and interactions with the other characters. It’s been really, really awesome.’

Chandler has grown up on TWD and hearing him talk about how exciting his character growth has been for himself as a person is awesome. He’s incredible as Carl and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22nd.