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Broadway Musical ‘Cats’ Is Coming To The Big Screen

One of the longest running shows in Broadway history, Cats is making the leap from stage to screen with same director that brought us the film adaptation of Les Miserables, Tom Hooper. Hooper will also produce the film alongside Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Debra Hayward.


Written and composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats first debuted in 1981 and is based on T.S. Elliot’s book of poetry called Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. The show begins with all of the cat characters assembling together, hoping to be chosen by Old Deuteronomy as the most deserving cat to make the journey to the Heavy Side Lair. Only one cat can be chosen and the musical numbers throughout the show tell the story of each cat hoping to be the chosen one.

As the project is still in the very early stages, we currently do not know anything about the writing, casting or whether this will be a live action or animated film. The musical version, however, will be returning to Broadway this summer. Looks like this musical really does have nine lives!

Check out this video of one of the most famous Broadway ballads of all time, “Memory” with video from London production of the musical, Cats.


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