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Blake Lively as Black Canary? BossLogic Strikes Again

A week or so ago BossLogic posted artwork that completely stole our hearts with his Disney and Shazam crossover. Bosslogic stroke again, with a new artwork that makes us wish it would be true. There have been many rumors about the Birds Of Prey movie, but nothing rumored that Blake Lively would reprise the role as Black Canary. Although this artwork by BossLogic makes us wish there was! He first posted the image without the mask, but after a lot of demand, he posted one with the mask. Take a look below.

BossLogic stayed faithful to the comics as in the image, Blake Lively is sporting the classic yellow and black costume together with a bo staff where she can hurt the bad guys with during her fights.

Blake Lively will star in a new movie next to Anna Kendrick in A Simple Favor. She is well known for her work in All I See Is You, Savages, Gossip Girl and Green Lantern. Blake Lively already has some experience in a superhero movie, but not as the hero herself. If she will audition for the role as Black Canary in Birds Of Prey, is a question we have to wait on.

All I can say is that I can see where BossLogic is coming from and I sincerely hope they will consider her for the role.

What do you think of BossLogic’s artwork? Would you like to see Blake Lively in the role of Black Canary? Let us know in the comments below.

Birds Of Prey will start its production at the beginning of 2019.

A Simple Favor will hit theaters on September 14.