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Bill Foster Shines in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’

Played by Laurence Fishburne, Bill Foster conveniently presents a unique chance to make a comeback for a character that was disadvantaged the first time around while adding to the beloved characters in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Foster is as formidable as Hank Pym and as a father figure to Ghost/ Ava Starr who is a SHIELD assassin as she suffered a freak child accident. There is more for Foster to do in future films as it is believed that his goliath powers may be unleashed for heroic purposes in the future.

The Avengers No. 32 was Foster’s debut and introduced as the employee of Tony Stark’s from the Plans and Research division of his Baltimore factory. Foster is used as a pawn in this movie which will require him to be saved by Pym which will ignite the all-white Avengers into action giving them a reason to go after the Sons of the Serpent: a racist organization.

Until it was revealed in Luke Cage, Power Man that Foster had experimented with Pym’s formulas and become trapped at 15 feet tall, the character was always in the Marvel Universe background. After five issues of the Black Goliath in 1976, Foster returned to the employ of Stark chairing Stark’s LA offices, however, in 1979 he appeared in Project Pegasus. Pegasus is a secret U.S. research agency in New York and this time he got radiation poisoning so bad that all others had to help search for a cure.

Foster died in the fourth issue of the comic book Civil War but thankfully Ant Man and the Wasp depicts him in a moral authority nothing short of the stuff that heroes are made from.