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Big News for “The Big Bang Theory’

If you recall, season 10 ended with Sheldon jetting off to Princeton to propose to Amy. But what happens after that? I need to know!

Unfortunately we have a little more time left to wait before we get some answers. However, we were blessed with this teaser.

Unfortunately all we see Sheldon and Amy getting interrupted by a phone call from Leonard.

That’s not enough information!

To add to this frustration, rumor has it that a huge bombshell will be dropped on Howard and Bernadette. What could it be?

CBS is good at keeping secrets, so it could be anything. They did say that the couple will struggle with unexpected news.

Could it have something to do with Howard’s dad? An illness? Another baby? Divorce? What?

Whatever happens on BBT, we’ll have to wait until September 25 at 8/7c on CBS.


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