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Benedict Cumberbatch on his Future as Doctor Strange

Along with a massive influx of tears and a fast pass down an emotional rollercoaster, the end of Avengers: Infinity War brought with it a lot of uncertainty. In interviews leading up to the film, fans were left in the dark about many aspects of the film.

One aspect made very clear, however, was that the deaths in Infinity War were to be permanent. That meant those tear-inducing goodbyes were going to be painful the first time you saw them (and the 15th) and for years to come.

Each hero that met their fate at the hands of Thanos deserved more, but it was especially hard to watch some of them go. One of which was Doctor Strange.

Having the ability to time travel also meant that he both knew and felt the losses necessary to battle Thanos before they happened. He traveled through a number (and a high one at that) of possibilities in which they won against the villain, and there was only one way for it to happen.

That way? For the Avengers to lose this battle.

After that was realized, his demeanor changed. It wasn’t extremely noticeable, as he was on edge for most of the film, but it happened. Within the last moments of the film, as we saw our favorite heroes dissipate, that heartache in his eyes made sense. The loss of the battle meant the loss of friends and loved ones. It ultimately meant the loss of himself as well.

He knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier. His last words assured Tony Stark (and audiences around the world) that it was the only way.

Now, we know those permanent deaths were a guarantee, but we’re banking on a saving grace of some sort. When that saving grace comes, we’re hoping that Doctor Strange comes back along with it. If Benedict Cumberbatch has any say in the matter, he is too.

Cumberbatch said this about his return in an interview with Deadline.

‘Oh, Strange? Just try to stop me. That’s all kind of lined up as far as I’m aware, but who knows? I mean, you know, the problem is, how does he get out of where he’s at. But that’s the only thing. I’m bits of dust at the moment as far as I understand. So you really have to ask (Marvel Studios president) Kevin Feige. But as far as wanting to do it, yeah, I would love to go back into that role.’

We’d love to have him back.

You can see Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War, now.