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Ben Bailey is Back to Host the ‘Cash Cab’ Revival Series!

Imagine this.  You’re walking down the street in New York City (or any city for that matter) and it starts to rain.  You still have a pretty far walk ahead of you so, you decided to hail a cab.  You step to the corner, wave your hand and one appears, as if it were magic.  You step in, sit down, close the door and suddenly, an explosion of disco lights, bells and alarms start going off!  You, my friend, have just entered the Cash Cab!

Starting in 2005, it was a dream of anyone hailing a cab in New York City to find that coveted and illusive Cash Cab driven by the one and only, comedian Ben Bailey.  If you were lucky enough to find that special game show on wheels, all you had to do was answer some trivia questions on the way to your destination.  For each question you got right, you won money!  And you got a free cab ride!  It’s any New Yorker’s dream come true!!  Sadly, the show went off the air in 2012 but, the fantastic news is, Ben Bailey is back!

Ben Bailey is Back to Host the 'Cash Cab' Revival Series!That’s right! Cash Cab is making a comeback and Ben Bailey is back as everyone’s favorite driver, comedian and game show host. This time around, things are going to be a little different.  The same basic premise of the show will remain the same.  Hop in the cab, answer trivia questions and try not to get three wrong or you’ll be kicked out of the cab.  The upgrade this season is that contestant passengers will have the ability to ask friends, pedestrians AND use social media for help if they get stuck.  Bailey has been popping up on Discovery’s Facebook Live with passengers in desperate need of help with a tricky question.  In one video, Bailey even had a special celebrity guest, Brooke Shields!  You can watch that video HERE.

After the announcement was made that the show would be returning and that Bailey would also be returning as host, he released the following statement clearly showing his excitement:

“Holy #%$&!! Cash Cab is back!!! HUGE thanks to all the fans who pushed for the show (and for me) to come back!  Never before has a comedian been so happy to go back to driving a cab. OMG, I think I left the meter running!”

Aside from Shields appearing in the Facebook Live video, no other celebrity guests have been announced just yet.  The show will air, once again, on the Discovery Channel with Comedian David Steinberg (Curb Your EnthusiasmSeinfeld) directing the series.  In addition to hosting (and driving) Bailey is also executive producing along with Tony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, with Robyn Todd co-executive producing.

Are you excited that Cash Cab and Ben Bailey are back in action?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Ben Bailey is Back to Host the 'Cash Cab' Revival Series!


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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