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Behind The Scenes With Walker Stalker Con Guest Artist Scott Spillman… Catch Him THIS Weekend In Atlanta!

Published on October 24th, 2017 | Updated on October 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

This weekend  Walker Stalker Con (WSC) celebrates their 5th year in Atlanta, Georgia, the place where it all began. The Walking Dead cast members will come together with fans from across the globe to celebrate the blockbuster zombie phenomenon. WSC consistently provides top-notch celebrity interactions as well as amazing artistic talent dedicated to honoring the characters we have grown to love (and love to hate).

Scott Spillman, Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead
Scott Spillman booth set-up at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia. Credit: Linda Marie

Scott Spillman has been part of Walker Stalker Con Family since 2015 and featured as a Guest Artist with them for the past year. Using his unique artistic style, Scott has managed to put forth amazing pieces that have become a signature at WSC conventions. I was fortunate enough to have met Scott earlier this year in Chicago where he agreed to an interview with Fan Fest News… Artist Scott Spillman Brings The Dead To Life! After the interview, we kept in contact because Fan Fest really is family. It’s fascinating to follow the journey of the artists I meet; to see them grow and succeed is quite rewarding. As Scott and I were one day discussing an upcoming appearance at Walker Stalker Con in Philadelphia last month, he graciously offered me an opportunity to help him out at his booth. Ummm…. yes! I always knew a lot of hard work went into setting things up for the fans but, it was quite an eye-opener to get thrown right into the mix.

Scott Spillman, Walker Stalker Con, The walking Dead
Scott Spillman showing a new style with his latest portraits – Maggie and Lenny. Credit: Scott Spillman

I met up with Scott during set-up the day before WSC Philly was to begin. It was quite daunting to look around his area and see all the parts required in putting together his awesome display. Banners, tables, hooks, boxes and oh, let’s not forget the merchandise, all waiting to be set up. Not really knowing where to have me begin, Scott introduced me to Becky Jones, who was clearly the master of maintaining organization. Becky kindly showed me the process of arranging the merchandise and perfecting the displays; I admire her attention to detail as appearance goes a long way toward showing appreciation for those that support the work of the artist. Scott informed me that it generally takes 6 or 7 hours to get the booth ready for action. While I was not there the entire time, it was very cool to see much of the progression. I can honestly say, a lot of hard work and care goes into preparation; one the worthy of Fan Fest organization’s high standards.

Scott Spillman, Becky Jones, Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead
Scott Spillman and Becky Jones at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia. Credit: Linda Marie

As the doors opened for the first day of the convention, it did not take long for people to make their way over to Scott’s booth. It was heartwarming to see some dedicated fans come in wearing t-shirts featuring Scott’s artwork, it was even better to catch people, unfamiliar with Scott, stop ‘dead’ in their tracks (pun intended) to appreciate his merchandise. Often times the area was surrounded by those wanting to pick up memorabilia featuring their favorite Walking Dead characters brought to life through Scott’s one of kind style. Prints of Scott’s artwork were also a big hit as many fans used them to obtain celebrity guest autographs. It has always been my opinion that supporting the hard-working artists in conjunction with meeting a favorite celebrity is the perfect way to memorialize your experience.

Scott Spillman, Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead
Scott Spillman and friends at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia. Credit: Linda Marie

Needless to say, I found myself amidst a flurry of activity at times. It was a ‘learn on the fly’ situation for me, one I felt ready to take on and one I hopefully succeeded in doing. I think the key is in showing a truthful desire in connecting with the fans and in bringing a smile to their face. Even during the busiest of times, Scott made sure to personally speak to anyone with questions about himself or his paintings. Having also designed artwork for the badges at WSC Philly (which he has done for prior events), he found himself inundated with requests for autographs on them; which he did happily and gratefully.

Scott Spillman, Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead
Badges from Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia featuring Scott Spillman artwork. Credit: Linda Marie

The attraction to Scott’s art is undeniable and he works hard to give the fans what they want, including items for WSC’s upcoming Cruise. No matter what you choose though, take faith in knowing that you will not only receive items that look amazing, you will receive items that meet Scott’s high-quality requirements.

Scott Spillman, Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead
Walker Stalker Con Cruise 2018 merchandise by Scott Spillman. Credit: Linda Marie

While much effort goes into ensuring a successful weekend, it is an effort that is embraced and enjoyed. There is a certain satisfaction in working alongside such enthusiasm and positivity; it is contagious. 🙂 My goal was to represent Scott and his work to the best of my ability, I believe I did that and hope he feels the same.  It was an absolute honor spending time with Scott and Becky and I would gladly lend a hand anytime.

Scott Spillman, Linda Marie, Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead
Linda Marie with Scott Spilman at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia. Credit: Linda Marie

Not only does Scott have a passion for art and creativity, he is a hardcore fan of The Walking Dead. I believe being passionate about your subject matter goes long way toward putting forth your best effort and that effort then turns into your success. And, it was a great surprise to me when I saw Scott make an appearance on AMC’s Walking Dead special this past Thursday. I had no idea he’d be on there, and after contacting Scott, I learned he hadn’t known for sure either. It was a wonderful surprise to everyone! Check out this clip of Walker Stalker Con’s very own guest artist AND superfan, Scott Spillman. (be sure to click the unmute button for sound) Note: Fan Fest apologies to those that cannot see the video clip. We are working to correct the problem. Thank you.


I wish Scott continued success in all his endeavors. I thank him and Becky for allowing me access into their world and look forward to seeing them again very soon. Follow Scott on social media for all his latest news artwork. Facebook: @Scott.Spillman.Art Instagram: @spillmanfineart Twitter: @spillman68 Be sure to visit his online store to purchase merchandise. Scott Spillman Fine Art


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