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Artist Creates Striking Pop Culture Apocalyptic Photos

It’s hard to imagine a life without all of our favorite things, but what we love now may eventually die out, and it’s not like we haven’t experienced this before. All decades have fads, all pop culture fanatics outgrow parts of their lives that they thought were solid, and some things that were once glittery fade away.

However, there are some aspects of pop culture that never die out, parts of our connection to entertainment that won’t go away; regardless of time and space.

It poses an interesting question, something to let your mind wander and think about. What will still be around in 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, or even 5 years? Will we still find the joy and the excitement in things like the MCU and the Walking Dead (the answer is a definite yes for us)? Will we still collect and display our funko pops? Will we hold on to our Nintendos and Legos? The answers may vary for some of us, but what won’t end up in ruin are the memories of what those things brought into our lives.

One artist, Filip Hodas, made that fading trend a reality with some incredible and striking photos on Instagram that have gone viral. They actually make us a little bit nostalgic already.

From PacMan to Nintendo, here are some of the things Hodas created.

There are more photos on his Instagram profile, and they’re all worth taking a look at. Once you do so,  let us know which pop culture ruin hits you the hardest.