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‘Arrow’: Star City to gain new Vigilante

It would appear as though the cast of Arrow will be continue to grow next season! TV Line has reported that a character described as a “cocksure/reckless ex-Marine turned vigilante” will be rolling into Star City for Season 5 of the hit CW television series. Hmm… so sort of like the Frank Castle of Star City? Whether this new vigilante has been identified as a friend or a foe to Team Arrow remains unclear at this time.

In addition to this new vigilante, we will get inside Oliver’s role as mayor. Executive Producer Wendy Mericle has said that: “City Hall, that institution, is crucial to our series.”

Mericle also discussed the situation in regards to the Season 5 flashbacks:

“It’s a very good possibility that we’ll finally find out how he got that Bratva tattoo and how he learned to speak Russian. When Oliver says, ‘No one can know my secret’ and he kills that guy in the pilot, we’re going to get some insight into that.”

How exciting!! Since Arrow first aired, I have been dying to know what happened to Oliver in Russia!

Even though Arrow recently wrapped up its fourth Season a few weeks ago, fans are already discussing the endless possibilities that will come with Season 5.  Stay tuned with us for more details of Arrow as they come! We are certainly looking forward to this new ‘vigilante’ in addition to Echo Kellum getting promoted to a series regular, and Colton Haynes returning for a few episodes as Roy Harper.


Arrow will return to the CW in the fall.

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