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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Reversal’

Published on November 3rd, 2017 | Updated on November 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

We’ve been wondering where she has gone since the season premiere, and she has finally returned… Black Siren.

‘Reversal’ opened up with Black Siren at a bar, in which she was approached by a man. He asked her who she was waiting for and she replied with ‘Is it too cheesy if I say you?’. She takes him into the back alley and we find out that he is married. The episode cut into the introduction before we could discover the man’s fate.

Felicity and Oliver enjoyed an official date out on the town. Oliver told Felicity that unlike their first date, he’s actually ready this time. During their toast a woman at a nearby table told Oliver that she was going to be voting against the anti-vigilante act, and then also expressed her excitement at the site of Oliver and Felicity being back together. In the middle of a quite serious discussion, Felicity’s phone went off and she was called off to go assist Team Arrow.

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Dinah arrived to the crime scene and the victim was the mysterious man that Black Siren met with at the bar. Dinah immediately recognized the kill – a sonic scream within inches of his eardrum. Felicity and Curtis discover the victim was an accountant, with no criminal record. Felicity points out that he was, however, married.

During their background check of Black Siren’s victim, Rene came in and told the team that so far the polling results stood at 70% against the Anti-Vigilante Act.

Elsewhere, Black Siren met with a mysterious man on a pier. She stated the ‘first battle was already won’, and then he handed her a folder with her next victim in it. A young girl.

Felicity arrives back at her apartment and when she gets there, she finds Alena – the Helix leader that brought Felicity into the fold. She asked Felicity for her help so that they could take down Cayden James together. Cayden is working on something terrible that could kill 4% of the worlds population – about 300 Million People. Surprisingly enough, he Cayden James is hiding out in Corto Maltese.

Black Siren dropped yet another body, the young female that was in the file she was given. Once again, Team Arrow can’t figure out why did chose the victim, as this one was a librarian living an everyday life. Diggle tells the Team that they need to hit the streets, and find out where Black Siren is hiding out.

Back in Felicity’s apartment, she and Alena come up with a plan. They need to convince Cayden’s system that they are him. As they make to head out, Oliver arrives at the apartment. Felicity tells Oliver that she and Alena are leaving to stop Cayden James. Oliver tells Felicity that she better tell the rest of the team, and Felicity tells him that she will call them from the car on her way there.

Curtis works up another piece of technology that can track Black Siren’s power. As soon as he turns it on, it goes off. They tracked Black Siren down to a parking garage, where they find yet another victim. Black Siren walks up on Dinah, and they engaged in a screaming match in which Black Siren gets away.

Felicity and Alena headed out to a night club in search of a hacker named ‘Amesiac’. They were taken into a backroom by some guards, and met with him. Just as they were about to require a ghost mirror drive from him, a man in a gas mask walked in and took out everyone in the room with the exception of Felicity. Felicity grabbed the gun and pointed it at the intruder, but he took off his mask to reveal that it was Oliver. Felicity was not shy to express her anger, telling Oliver that he ‘screwed up everything’. Following the incident, Oliver and Felicity had a brief argument about how Oliver has to stop feeling like he always needs to protect her.

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Back at the Arrow Cave, Dinah brought back a forensics report. All 3 victims had traces of Dimotex 75 on their hands – which is something used on the streets to rip off fingerprints. Diggle figured out that maybe Black Siren is choosing a bunch of nobodies, so that they can be used as a cover.

Curtis works on another piece of tech so that he can track Black Siren’s next location and it gets a hit on the Helix Headquarters, right where Felicity and Alena are. The team heads out and makes it just in time, stopping Cayden James and his men from killing the pair. As it turns out, he is the man Black Siren was working for. A fire fight ensues, in which Alena sustains a gun shot wound to her abdomen. They manage to get an ambulance to her in time, so she gets stabilized.

Back at the Arrow Cave Felicity hacks a server and discovers that all 3 victims had something in common. It turns out, their identities were covers. All 3 of them were access managers to the IDND, International Domain Name Directory. Felicity states that Cayden wants to shut down the internet completely, which in turn would kill millions and millions of people.

Oliver met Felicity back at her apartment, and they two shared a heart to heart. Oliver confessed that the reason he followed her to the club, is because he wanted to be there for her in a way that she was always there for him.

Elsewhere, Black Siren and Cayden James arrive at the vault for the internet. There, we learn that Cayden James and his team were the ones who rescued Black Siren from Lian Yu. They open the vault and are about to do some incredibly catastrophic damage, but Team Arrow arrives on the scene. Felicity discovers that Cayden put a virus in the system, which would cause the whole system to essentially explode.

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While Diggle and the team took out all of Cayden’s minions and fought off Black Siren, Felicity headed to the mainframe so that she could stop Cayden’s virus. Just when she was starting to lose hope she heard a voice in her ear – Oliver, who headed down to the Arrow Cave and began acting in place of Overwatch. He successfully guided her to the mainframe, resulting in her completely shutting down the virus and saving the internet.

Felicity visited Alena in the hospital and told her the good news, that they were successful in taking down Cayden James. Alena gives her the idea that maybe for their startup could be her spinal implant, which allowed her to walk again. Together, they then came up with the name of ‘Helix Dynamics’ for Felicity and Curtis’ start up company.

Elsewhere, Black Siren and Cayden met at an airport. Cayden told Black Siren that it was time for them to take the ‘next step’.

At Felicity’s apartment, Oliver gets a phone call which interrupts he and Felicty’s intimate moment. It turned out to be Slade Wilson, and he needs Oliver’s help.


Arrow returns on Thursday, November 9th at 9pM/EST on The CW.


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