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‘Arrow’: EP talks how Prometheus is Oliver’s ‘Dark Mirror’

Since it was revealed that Adrian Chase was Prometheus, it has been a constant psychological game of cat and mouse for Oliver. Chase knows how to get inside Oliver’s head and really take him for a spin; this being said because in an earlier interview with ET Online, EP Wendy Mericle referred to Chase as Oliver’s ‘dark mirror’.

“We really did want to, this season, build a villain that would be a dark mirror for Oliver, in the tradition of the comic books. Really honoring that and also honoring Oliver’s path on the show, and specifically, the first season. They’ve both suffered losses and they both answer those losses in very different ways.”

In the same interview Josh Segarra, who plays Prometheus, spoke about the dual role that his character possesses, and why originally Chase worked so hard to get close to Oliver.

“I wanted to track this guy. You can’t come out the gate as Adrian Chase as this like, pissed-off killer, this tortured soul. I wanted to start somewhere, so with Chase, there was that part that you had to show him getting close to Oliver. You had to show why they trusted each other, and you want to make sure you do that within the confines that you’re given… I needed to know Oliver better than he knows himself. You always want to find the good in them. You want to find what made that person. Because bad people don’t think that they’re bad, there’s a justification behind that.”

In a more recent interview with, Wendy Mericle explained why they felt it was time for a villain who challenged Oliver on a personal, human level for the first time similar to that of Slade Wilson.

“It’s very personal this year, and we wanted to do that for a number of reasons. We’ve done the city in jeopardy a lot, but it’s mostly because that’s the kind of villain that Prometheus is. He understands Oliver. He’s his equal; he’s his dark mirror. He’s the guy who can get inside his head, know exactly what buttons to push and what’s going to hurt the most. The inevitability of him going after Oliver’s loved ones was baked in the DNA of the character. We’ve done a different villain this year. It’s not that it’s easy, but using violence — which Chase and Oliver still do throughout the season — is sort of the go-to. What’s been interesting to see this year is to see that but the underpinnings of it being so psychological and so manipulative and so built on the underpinnings of what Chase knows about Oliver and who he is. This was the perfect storm — a great way to change up the villain and to get inside of Oliver’s head in a season that we needed to. We needed him to be reflective and talking and looking back at his past, and Chase was the perfect spark to light that fire.”

Arrow will return on Wednesday, May 17th at 8PM/EST in the episode ‘Missing‘.


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