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‘Arrow’: Black Siren’s backstory revealed in Season 6

We at Fan Fest were extremely excited when we learned that Katie Cassidy would be returning as a regular for the sixth season of the hit CW TV Series, Arrow.

The supervillain has been a recurring character in the CW since we first saw her appear in the second season of sister CW series, The Flash. She then wound up aligning herself with the likes of Prometheus, aiming to take down Oliver and his team in the fifth season of Arrow.

The Season 6 trailer, which was released at SDCC, revealed that even though she was trapped on the island during the explosion, she is definitely a survivor.

In an interview with about whether or not we’ll find out more about her character now that she has become a series regular on Arrow, Katie Cassidy said:

“Yes, I think the more we learn about her backstory and what her relationship was like with Oliver, absolutely. I think it will make sense in the end and not necessarily make her as bad of a person. You might be like “Oh, okay that makes sense.” Yes, I do think we’ll know more.”

EP Marc Guggenheim stated in a previous interview that even though we won’t be getting event flashbacks, we will be seeing a few character specific flashbacks. We know that one of those characters will be Deathstroke, so it would not be surprising if Black Siren is also one of those characters.

We do know that she shared some events similar to Laurel on Earth-1. She was the girlfriend of Oliver Queen, and loving daughter to Quentin Lance. However her life completely changed when Oliver died on The Queen’s Gambit, instead of like his father on Earth-1. After that, she moved to Central City for a change of scenery and to start anew.

We know from The Flash episode ‘Welcome to Earth-2’ that Robert Queen took up the identity of The Hood, just like Oliver did on Earth-1.

So perhaps we will get to see Robert Queen return in some flashback sequences, and a possible confrontation between the two of them.

Like Dinah Drake, Black Siren got her metahuman power through the particle accelerator explosion. Perhaps that is the point and time when Black Siren started to go down her dark path, leading her to become the person she is today.

The Season 6 trailer seems to indicate that she will be facing off with Team Arrow to start, but perhaps that can change?

Arrow will return October 12th at 9PM on The CW.