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Andy and Barbara Muschietti want to Remake ‘Pet Sematary’

Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti are setting their sights incredibly high in the horror movie genre, and after their success with Stephen King’s It, we’re absolutely on board with their next big idea.

Not only do they have a sequel planned for It, in which all they’re waiting on now is the green light, they want to take on another of King’s delightfully terrifying books with Pet Sematary. Recently, Andy had this to say to EW about his affection for the book and what he hopes to do with it.

My affection for Pet Sematary will go on until I die. I will always dream about the possibility of making a movie.

Barbara Muschietti said it’s the first Stephen King book that they read, and it’s important to both of them. However, they do understand that other people are interested in turning the book into a film as well.

We’ll see who gets to it first. But it is the first Stephen King book that we read, and it’s something that has been a great love because it is possibly King’s most personal book. You can imagine his young family. What will you do to be able to keep your family? How far would you go?

She continued to say that they’d have to make sure they do the story justice like she feels that they did with It (they totally, absolutely did).

I really hope we can do it. But if we do it, we have to do it justice, like we did with It. The versions we read in the past years, the scripts we’ve read, have not been, in our opinion, representative of the book.

In 1989, Pet Sematary was adapted into a film which starred Denise Crosby and Dale Midkiff as Louis and Rachel Creed, and Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandall. The film spurred many other adaptations of King novels, which is being mirrored now by the Muschietti’s remake of It.

After seeing It, we genuinely hope the pair are able to bring Pet Sematary to life, it’s another one we absolutely wouldn’t miss.