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And the First Cast Member for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 25 Is…

One of the most exciting parts about Dancing With the Stars is seeing which motley crew they put together to try their hand at various styles of dancing each season. Last year, Rashad Jennings took home the prized mirror ball trophy amidst some tough competition such as Heather Morris, Simone Biles, and David Ross.

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Well, this year is the 25th season for Dancing With the Stars so it’s safe to assume that the cast is going to be pretty great. Fans didn’t have to wait too long to get a glimpse of who to expect on the dance floor this fall as they announced their first contestant on Good Morning America Wednesday morning and it’s safe to say the announcement brought the house down…literally. Like, he actually tears houses down.

Without further ado, your first Dancing with the Stars contestant is…

Property Brother Drew Scott!

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He is being paired up with last year’s reigning champ Emma Slater! “I want to make it my duty to get her a second mirror ball,” Scott said on GMA.

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Scott is known for his HGTV fame where he and his brother, Jonathan, have practically a million shows including Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother.

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 Jonathan had a very special message for Drew in a video shown after the announcement.

The rest of the cast will be announced on Wednesday, September 6 on Good Morning America.