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Anastasia Grey Bombshell Revealed in New ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Trailer

The newest trailer for Fifty Shades Freed starts out with a snippet of the song most related to the film and a montage of scenes leading up to the moment Anastasia Steele met Christian Grey. Ana, now wife of Christian, is seen with more power in this trailer than ever before. Unfortunately, that comes with more fear as well.

Anastasia Steele is long gone, and not just because she got married and changed her last name. The shy Ana we met in the first film has been transformed into a confident woman. Which can be seen more than ever in the trailer when she approaches an architect who is speaking to her husband as if she weren’t even in the room. I.E – flirting shamelessly and Ana isn’t having it.

As for that bombshell? Well, Mrs. Grey is pregnant. With all of the drama, fear, and excitement in the trailer, we’re not sure exactly when she’ll hear the news, but we have a feeling it’s something that’ll throw both Ana and Christian for a loop.

Looks like we’ll find out when Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters this Valentines Day.