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Amazon Go Is Spoiling Us With “Just Walk Out” Shopping

Published on January 22nd, 2018 | Updated on January 22nd, 2018 | By FanFest

Captain’s Log 1/22/2018…Your shopping experience is about to go where no man or woman has shopped before. Amazon Go has opened up their first brick and mortar store in Seattle this week.  It will give new meaning to the “in and out” shopping. 

The shopper must have the Amazon Go app to even enter the store. Once inside the shopper then finds the items their heart desires but hopefully their hearts do not desire much because they will not have shopping carts or baskets, so they need to bring their own bags, shopping buddy to carry things for them or learn to juggle.  The store is not huge and is focused on “convenient” items such as ready to eat meals, basic needs and even beer and wine.

The biggest change will be no waiting in line. They will not have cashiers so there will be no standing in the 10 items or less line counting how many items the person with the cart full in front of you has gone over of that 10 limit. Admit it, you have done that mental count. The Amazon Go store makes it even easier than the self-checkout lanes at your local grocery store. The shopper simply leaves the store with the items they want, and it will be charged to their account they have registered to the Amazon Go App they used to enter the store.

Now for those who are considering that good old “5 finger discount” which is what my first thought went to. (P.S. no I don’t shoplift but I worked at Goodwill 15 years ago and we had people steal from there so yeah there are bad people in the world) would think of a cashierless (see even my spellcheck does not believe it is a thing either) store would be a prime target for criminals. The store is not concerned however with the Amazon Go App required turnstile to enter the store and leave the store is just one security feature. They have hundreds of cameras from every angle as well everything is tagged and will automatically get charged to the app as the products leave the store.                                                                                                                        
One concern was who was going to card and bust the 17-year old’s going in for their next party well never fear they will have an employee in the beer and wine section crushing dreams just like every other store. They will also have employees to help stock shelves and help confused customers find items and to help them understand they can just simply walk out when they are done and believe it or not that will probably be the hardest part of their job.

To recap you can now actually GO to Amazon Go and shop and leave which is going help you save on that Amazon Prime as long as you do not forget when you walk out you are getting charged for it is not like putting it in your “cart” and it is sitting there for months until you get the money to click checkout.

According to, they wanted to take the shopping experience to another level beyond just a computer screen and bring the world “Just Walk Out” shopping. I can see myself shopping like this in the future but only if Dollar Tree comes on board with this new shopping platform but hey a girl can dream can’t she?


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