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A Michael Jackson Halloween Special will air on CBS this Fall

It can’t be only us who turn the volume all the way up while listening to Thriller around Halloween time. Michael Jackson’s tune is the perfect addition to the season, and yes, Halloween is a season. Soon, thanks to news that broke yesterday, Thriller won’t be the legend’s only big Halloween contribution.

Coming to CBS this year is Michael Jackson’s Halloween, which will be an animated special featuring an incredible voice cast and amazing music from Jackson’s discography. After hearing those details and the premise of the special, we’re even more excited for Halloween to get here.

Vincent, voiced by Lucas Till and Victoria voiced by Kiersey Clemons meet on ‘accident’ on Halloween night and they end up at a mysterious hotel with the address 777 Jackson Street. Along with Ichabod the dog, they find themselves in the midst of a magical adventure at This Place Hotel (a nod to Jackson’s song with the same title) and they come across the king of pop himself for a dance number at the end.

The special will be directed by Mark A.Z Dippé and produced by Daniel Chuba, John Branca, and John McClain. Other voice actors will include Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming, Lucy Liu, Jim Parsons, George Eads, and Brad Garrett.

As the Tweet says, more details will be coming soon and Michael Jackson’s Halloween will officially join the list of projects released by the Michael Jackson estate.

Will you be tuning into Michael Jackson’s Halloween this fall? What tunes do you hope to hear in the animated special? Let us know.