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A Cheesy Christmas Movie Guide

When I think of the holidays, I always grow excited to watch Christmas movies. I have many I always attempt to cover, though some of them trickle in throughout the year. However, some Christmas films are so cheesy that I can only view them during December. No matter how down I am feeling, these have raised my spirits. Although one of them is brand new to my list this year, it is one I want to watch every year now. There is something about sitting on the couch with a predictable movie full of cliche troupes that warms your heart at Christmas time. Below are ten that have warmed my heart this year, despite being able to call every shot.

A Christmas Prince

Rose McIver - A Christmas Prince - Cheesy Christmas Movies
Rose McIver – A Christmas Prince – Netflix

Any film of this trilogy is pure gold. I do not care what anyone else says. I have watched each movie, and while these films are entirely unbelievable, that is what makes them amazing. Plus, every new event takes place at Christmas. A wedding and a baby at Christmas. How much better does it get, you ask? Rose McIver is in every one of these movies! Although the three films contain many cliche troupes, they will warm your heart and remind their entire film of the true meaning of Christmas. Plus, haven’t we all wanted to fall in love with a princess of some foreign country? 

The Princess Switch

A Cheesy Christmas Movie Guide
Vanessa Hudgens – The Princess Switch – Netflix

Does anyone remember Model Behavior? This film is the princess edition of that film. A princess and a baker trade places with one another and slowly find themselves falling in love. To complicate matters more, they fall in love with the people that everyone else envisions the other person with in life. Although most around them do not piece this together, they must figure out a way to go back to their regular lives. In a way, this film is Model Behavior meets The Holiday. Will they be able to go back to their lives before the switch?

The Holiday Calendar

Kat Graham - The Holiday Calendar - Cheesy Christmas Movies
Kat Graham – The Holiday Calendar – Netflix

I fell in love with this particular film this Christmas. It had a bit of a supernatural element in play, or Christmas magic if you will. The film stars The Vampires Dairies’s Kat Graham, who is a struggling photographer Abby Sutton, just trying to figure out her place in the world. Insert her best friend for years Josh Barton (Quincy Brown) who loves her but she cannot see it. Her grandfather gives her an advent calendar to Kat, and each day she gets a toy that predicts an aspect of her day. Is the calendar magic, or is she projecting? Regardless, there are some cliche ups and downs in this one with an ending that is worthy of Dawson’s Creek‘s season three finale. In other words, viewers will love it.

Married by Christmas (The Engagement Clause)

Jes Macallan - Married by Christmas - Cheesy Christmas Movies
Jes Macallan – Married by Christmas – Hulu

This film has two names. On Hulu, it is available under the name Married by Christmas. Married by Christmas focuses on two sisters and a clause in their grandmother’s will. While Carrie Tate (Jes Macallan) has been working diligently this entire time to take over the family company one day inevitably, it comes to light that the fiance of the first sister who marries first will take over the business. Their grandmother is old fashioned, and this angers the one sister. In a rush to take over the company, sister one makes it her goal to find someone to marry before Christmas. Will she find someone in the nick of time?

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus

A Cheesy Christmas Movie Guide
Steve Guttenberg – Single Santa Seeking Mrs. Claus – Hallmark

I love this film. Many people have played Santa over the years in various films, but Steve Guttenberg is by far one of the best. He manages to do this laugh that always ends with ho, ho, ho, and it’s adorable. You cannot feel anything but pure joy as you watch Nick attempt to find a wife for Christmas. After all, each Santa needs a Mrs. Claus to pull everything off. The only problem is the woman he finds happens not to believe anymore. His goal quickly becomes making her believe in Santa once more. Can he do it in time to take over as Santa? You will have to watch and find out, but it is on my cheesy list, and I would never stir you wrong with some feel goodness.


Tom Cavanagh - Snow - Cheesy Christmas Movies
Tom Cavanagh – Snow – Freeform

From the moment I watched Snow for the first time, I knew this would become a classic that I had to watch every year. On top of adoring Tom Cavanagh, I realized I loved him even more as Santa, or in this case, Nick. This Christmas is his first year taking over as Santa Claus, and he has somehow managed to lose one of his reindeer. In an attempt to get him back, he must leave the North Pole and go to the zoo that has him as part of one of their attractions. As time goes on, Nick finds himself enjoying the company of Sandy and attempting to figure out how to tell her the truth about himself. There is also a sequel to this one called Snow 2: Brain Freeze that is equally as charming.  

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - I'll Be Home for Christmas - Cheesy Christmas Movies
Jonathan Taylor Thomas – I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Disney +

This film is a little hooky, but it remains one of my absolute favorites around the holiday season. There is something about watching Jonathan Taylor Thomas try to beat the clock and make it home in time to get his father’s car that gets me every time. Maybe it is because once again, this reminds us that there are more important things in life than material objects. Plus, this cast also includes Jessica Biel and Adam LaVorgna. Plus, there are sleigh rides, Santa runs, and a crazy hotel that makes me wonder if such things exist in real life.  You can find this particular film to view on Disney+ this year.

Jingle All The Way

A Cheesy Christmas Movie Guide
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Jingle All The Way – Freeform

Is it Christmas without watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad in a Christmas movie? I think not. This holiday classic is something that most parents can relate to at the end of the day. There’s an it toy for Christmas that all kids want. Their ultimate goal is to get said toy for their child. However, this movie has an important message by the end, which is that it’s far more essential to spend time with your family at Christmas time than any gift might be.  Plus it’s just cheesy goodness to heal your soul if you have not been as into Christmas this year as previous years.

The Holiday

Kate Winslet - The Holiday - Cheesy Christmas Movies
Kate Winslet – The Holiday

The Holiday has been one of my favorite films since initially released in 2006. I remember going to the theater for a late showing with a friend in our pajamas and realizing that I had way more in common with Iris (Kate Winslet) than I cared to admit. However, watching Iris get her life back together by trading homes with Amanda (Cameron Diaz) made me begin to realize that I too could turn my life around. This film will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like they had to start over.  Plus, it contains one of Jude Law’s most loveable characters alongside Jack Black.  You will laugh, you might tear up, but your heart will grow three sizes if it needs some holiday cheer.

Holiday In The Wild

A Cheesy Christmas Movie Guide
Rob Lowe & Kristen Davis – Holiday in the Wild – Netflix

I recently watched this film the other day. I was expecting to enjoy it, but despite the cliche love story, this Christmas movie is different from all the others. Though in the opening moments, we realized that name (Kristen Davis) is not married to Rob Lowe and that something must occur for them to meet in the opening minutes. It turns out she takes the second honeymoon that was meant for her and her husband and discovers there’s so much more to life than merely becoming a lunch lady. Holiday In The Wild will leave your heart full of joy and hope as you enter the new year.

Are any of these movies on your must-watch holiday list? Are you looking for some Christmas alternatives or Christmas classics? Make sure to check out my other holiday lists to keep you in the mood for the next couple of days and let us know your favorite cheesy Christmas film you have watched every season. And let us know the new ones you have discovered this holiday season we should include on our lists for next year.

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