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7 Can’t Miss Acts at Bonnaroo 2017

We’re just a few weeks away from trading in our day to day lives for an unforgettable experience at ‘the farm’ and we’re already dreaming of the Bonnaroo Festival. From music and art to the entire lifestyle you’re immersed in, there’s no festival like it in the world. If you look at the lineup, you’ll be drawn in by it and it alone, but there are so many aspects to Bonnaroo that go far beyond the music.

However, we are focusing on the music for this one, and there is a lot of it. With over 80 acts, it may be a lot to go through the lineup in its entirety. There is an interactive lineup you can look through, and of course, when you’re there – go to the stages that have music that sounds good. You don’t want to over-plan, or go in with a set schedule and refuse to see anything different, you’ll miss the experience that way. However, if you’re going to pick some acts to see, here are our top 7.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Well, for one reason, they’re absolute legends. Seriously, they’re the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Seeing them in concert is awesome, seeing them at a festival is even better. We can picture it now, the sun on our skin and ‘Californication’ playing loud, it’s a perfect summer day.

Chance The Rapper
So we talked about Chance in another festival lineup too, but…he’s so good! You can’t miss the opportunity to see him live. As a matter of fact, people at festivals usually wait hours to see him live, so the crowds might be out in full force, but don’t sweat it. You’ll enjoy the performance whether you’re in the front row or the back of the crowd.

The Weeknd
Is there anything The Weeknd can’t do? All of his songs are catchy, his voice is incredible, and he’s got a persona that’s confident at the same time that he’s kind. He’s got a fire when he performs and we aren’t talking about the stage pyrotechnics. He just gives it all and when a musician is that talented and has that much power, you know you’re in for a treat.

We’ve not yet seen Lorde live, but we’ve seen video from her shows and they look absolutely incredible. From ‘Royals’ to ‘Greenlight’ her sound has changed a bit since her start but it’s only grown stronger. She seems to have found her niche and she’s on the brink of a new album, set to release on June 16th. We’re hoping to hear a new song or two from that.

Dua Lipa
From ‘Be The One’ to ‘Blow Your Mind’, Dua’s music is among some of the most popular in her genre. Her stage presence is incredible, she draws a crowd in without being flashy, it’s her talent and passion for the craft that make lasting fans of Dua. She’ll definitely bring a unique spark to the festival.

Skepta is a grime artist and he is one of a kind. We’ve yet to see him live yet but again, from what we see on video it looks like it’ll be a total experience. Grime is a sort of ‘DIY’ music, as Skepta says. He also says that he’s not a rapper, but an activist. His music is about passion, telling stories, and making change – and he’s been recognized for it.

This is a big one! U2 is playing their first and only U.S festival with Bonnaroo, that in itself is legendary. They’ll be playing their 1987 album in full and we can’t imagine the band making a better statement. They’ll be the perfect addition to the festival, they’re the reason some people bought 4 day tickets, and they’ll definitely bring a new audience to the farm. We can’t wait!

Will you be making it to Bonnaroo this year? What acts are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know.

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