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6 Things We’d like to see in Season 2 of This Is Us

When This Is Us premiered on NBC, we knew we’d be drawn to the show but we couldn’t have predicted how monumental it would become. It’s the type of series that we all needed, whether we realized it at the moment or not. It’s got substance, it’s got heart, and it’s got the type of vibe that makes you want to let the people in your life know how much you love them.

When season 1 ended, there were a few big questions that all fans had and as time has progressed, we’ve grown okay with not having all of the answers yet. In fact, having some time between season 1 and 2 to think about the finale and the episodes before it…we’re glad they didn’t rush with the final episode of the first season. We’re glad that things worked out the way that they did.

They’ve taken their time with the characters, they’ve allowed us to get to know them and their stories – the good and the bad. We’ve seen life and death, love and disdain, success and bumps in the road – and more than that, we’ve seen family.

There are, however, some questions we are still asking…or rather…things we’d really like to see in Season 2 of This Is Us.

Will Randal and Beth end up adopting a child?

Randall was experiencing some big life changes as the series’ first season was ending, and it all made him appreciate the little things more. He wanted to love more, laugh more, slow down a bit, and…expand his family. Randal wants to adopt a child and he brings that up as the season draws to a close. Earlier in the season, when the couple had a pregnancy scare, they seemed relieved at the thought of not having a child, but now, will they see that their hearts have more room to love? Will they bring another heart who needs help into their lives?

What does each of ‘the big three’ see Jack’s legacy as?

We know that his children loved him, hell, we know that everyone loved him. He has a spirit and a heart that lights up a room, that invites everyone in, that leaves room for no strangers – just friends he hasn’t met yet. We know how respected and loved he was, and still is, but we want to know what his kids see as his big mark on the world. Was it something he did for his family? Something he did for a friend? Even something he did for a stranger…what is the thing that they think of when they’re sad about missing him that makes them feel stronger?

What DID happen to Jack?

So, we want to know more about Jack’s life, we genuinely do. We want to know more about what made him happy outside of his family, what his favorite parts of seeing his children grow up were, we want to know what helped him sleep at night when times were tough. We want to see how his life impacted more people than we’ve seen so far, we want to see it all. However, we do want to know what happens to Jack. We’re curious to see what state of mind he’s in when it happens, if he feels at peace…if it happens in a way that he thinks back on his life, and if so, what were his favorite parts? It’s more than how he died, but all that led up to it.

Why does Kate feel responsible for what happens to Jack?

Kate has the hardest time with Jack’s death, she couldn’t even talk about it. When she did, it was a broken statement without much of an explanation. She said her dad died because of her. At first, we thought it was due to the conversation where she tells her dad to go chase her mother, and maybe it could still be (the after effects at least) but it wasn’t in the way we expected. We are curious to see why she blames herself…and we hope Toby can help her work through that.

Where were Jack and Rebecca in their relationship when Jack passed?

Jack and Rebecca hit a snag in their relationship as season 1 was ending, but Jack’s speech to Rebecca gave all of us second life. He loves her with every bit of who he is, and while she’s dealing with a lot, she loves him just the same. Their relationship is what all of us aim for, and part of that is because even during the bad times, they don’t give up on one another. However, if Jack does lose his life soon, we’re wondering what the state of their relationship will be when that happens. We’re still hoping he’s got a lot of time left, and that he and Rebecca work their way back to the insane love we’ve seen already, but the kids are getting older, and we do know that he dies when they’re teenagers.

How did Rebecca end up with Miguel?

So, this is a big one. How…does this happen? Miguel is a nice enough guy, but honestly, we’re not sure that we’re okay with their relationship yet. Maybe in season 2 we’ll see Jack and Miguel have one of those seemingly foreshadowing conversations about Miguel taking care of Rebecca if anything happens to him. Maybe they gravitate to one another after Jack passes away. This is one that, and we’ll say so honestly, we still can’t wrap our mind around – no matter how it happened.

What would you like to see in season 2? Let us know.

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