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5 Minute Sit-Down with Country Artist Ryan Upchurch

In the small town of Cullman, Alabama every summer the town lights like the Las Vegas strip. Rock the South music festival rolls through town with some of country music’s biggest stars. They feature some of the old school country favorites like Hank Williams Jr. or the Marshall Tucker Band. They also feature the new faces of country music like Thomas Rhett and Eric Church. What I love the most is they give stage time to those up and coming stars in the music industry. At my age (which I do not hide 29? Ok, 34? Ok, 39?? Ok, 41 (no seriously I am 41 don’t make me post my birth certificate) I am very old school when it comes to my country. I love Hanks Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. I am the opposite when it comes to the rest of my music taste such as I love Kid Rock, Pink and Eminem. So when I was walking by the stage doing interviews for my story I stopped and listened to the artist on stage and was truly impressed so I stopped and sat down and watched his set.

5 Minute Sit-Down with Country Artist Ryan Upchurch
Upchurch on Stage at Rock the South

The banner on the big screen behind him said “Upchurch“. I did not know much more than just his name, but I know that from his stage presence he was a force to be reckoned with. He had an energy, a personality that the audience liked and responded to. I liked that even in a bad boy kind of way he still tried to send out a good message to the younger audience and before I knew it his set had ended, and I thought that was it. However, fate had other plans as I returned to the media tent Mr. Upchurch was there talking with fans, so I asked his management for a few minutes of his time and they so graciously allowed me that.

5 Minute Sit-Down with Country Artist Ryan Upchurch
Upchurch at Rock the South 2018

Rachel Bryant: So I know on stage you go by Upchurch but what is your full name?

Upchurch: My full name is Ryan Upchurch.

RB: How long have you been doing music?

Upchurch: I messed around with it a little bit in high school, but I didn’t really take it seriously. It was that time when a lot of rappers were coming out and every kid wanted to be a rapper. Then I dropped it and I ended doing construction work and I did not finish high school. I got out and did not know what I really wanted to, so I just started writing songs about what I was going through, and my friends would tell me “Dude this stuff is good you need to put it out there” but I didn’t really know what social media was. I mean I had a Myspace back then, but I didn’t really get on it. Honestly, you can usually find me outside. I just started writing and doing songs and I put them on YouTube and they just kind of went all over the place.

RB: How old were you went you really got started?

Upchurch: At that time, I was 24 and I can even give you the exact date it was May 14th, 2014.

RB: Do you currently have a record label?

Upchurch: I do not have a record label right now. I have been approached a few times by smaller ones but didn’t feel I needed them. They told me that without a record label you will not get far. I told them that is not true because I have made it to number many times and make it to the 10 just about every time I release a song. I think now I am not being approached because they think I don’t need them. But it crazy being here tonight with Lauren Alaina, Thomas Rhett and all the others. Being on the same stage. I am just a guy being himself. It is a wild feeling.

RB: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Upchurch: In a few years, I see myself, well, to be honest, it is hard to say. Right now, I am doing some acting and filming. I am actually getting into more of the acting part. I like to branch out a lot. I am really into art. So, anything that has to do with art whether it is music, painting, drawing or building stuff out of wood I am really into. I am really passionate about people using their talent for art. I like creating something that people can look at and say “Wow that is amazing”. I hope to be on the Red Carpet someday. I think the whole industry is scared of me because I have really loose lips and I always say what I want to say. So, if anyone is reading this “I’m not going to mess your Red Carpet up, I might get a little dirt on but that is about it”.

RB: Where can your fans keep with you and your upcoming tour dates?

Upchurch: They can catch me on Facebook at 

5 Minute Sit-Down with Country Artist Ryan Upchurch
Upchurch taking selfies for fans at Rock the South

I was impressed by his interview. He has a passion for what he is doing not just for himself but for his fans and that is what makes someone a star. As I watched him on stage and off stage I tried to decide who he reminded me of and this is the combination I came up with and I hope no-one finds this offensive, but he is a mix of Kid Rock and Larry the Cable Guy. Those are two of my favorite people by the way, so it is a compliment, but he has the talent and stage skills of Kid Rock, but his down to earth southern comedy reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy. So, if you have not heard of Upchurch and you are into country music I recommend you check him out. I see this young man (God I am old aren’t I) anyway I see this young man doing great things not only with his music but his comedy and acting. I have not seen his painting or drawing but I am sure they are just as great as the rest of his skills…..