Villain Arts Tat Con Takes Over Philly! What Is All The Buzz About?

Villain Arts Philly Logo
Image: Villain Arts

Motley masses swarmed the Pennsylvania Convention Center as the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention made its mark in Philly this past weekend. The aisles were packed as fans navigated their way through an endless array of artists ready to get under your skin!

Villain Arts Philly
Image: Riley Jay

The air was literally buzzing as crowds formed to see ink masters put their artistic skills on display. Human canvases proudly bared it all to show off the work of their favorite artists during some stiff competition. Portraits, lettering, traditional and even most unusual, were only a few of the categories to which one could enter.

Villain Arts Philly
Image: Riley Jay

While Villain Arts is known to offer up top-notch talent for your inking needs, there are also other expressive options for the commitment-phobic. One such booth offered up fidelity free flash in the form of dental decor. Ok, I’d seen piercing aplenty, probably more than I’d like, but tooth bejeweling was new to me. What’s the deal? After chatting with trained technician Kelly, I learned that Tooth Bling is a unique way to safely show off individual style without permanent body modification. Kelly, who also happens to be a dental hygienist, assures that the 10-15 minute process is similar to that of bonding braces to teeth and, while the bling lasts 6-24 months, it can be easily removed by a dentist.

Villain Arts Philly, Tooth Bling
Image: Riley Jay

Tats, tooth bling, piercings, fangs, contacts… and for those with the fortitude to find them, skilled crafters were scattered amidst the creative chaos. One of my personal favorites was Astro Vinyl Art. When I asked how the idea of turning old vinyl records into artwork came about, I was given a refreshingly honest answer, “Late night and a bag of weed.” I suppose that gives them plenty of opportunities to grow. 😉

Villain Arts Philly
Images: Riley Jay

Though the enormity of Villain Arts Philly can be intimidating, their increasing popularity is a good sign. Does it mean we have become a more creatively accepting society? I’d like to say yes. We are all judged for one reason or another, at least shows like Villain Arts provides a safe haven for those daring to express their truth.

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