Time To Drop The Hammer For Fan Art Friday’s Thor!

Thor: Ragnorak
Artwork: DeviantArt - wavemusic47

Last weekend saw the release of yet another Marvel blockbuster, Thor: Ragnorak. Our heroic Thor, while on a quest for preventing the destruction of his home world, actually finds himself pitted against former ally and fellow Avenger, The Hulk; amusement ensues. For those that have yet to see Thor: Ragnorak, I won’t give anything away but, the reviews are in and it seems audiences and critics agree… Marvel has done a great job of providing light-hearted entertainment suited to fans of all ages. Now check out this great artwork dedicated to our Asgardian idol.

The gaze of a gladiator.

Thor, Chris Hemsworth
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @artbyemille4696, @yared.tsegaye.m, @greatartdaily, @marvel.artwork

Weapon wielding warrior.

Thor, Chris Hemsworth
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @camilo.traslavina.5, @comics.hall, @art_conquests, @comics_48

Facing destiny.

Thor, Chris Hemsworth
Artwork: Instagam – @odysseyarttorch

Oh brother.

Loki, Tom Hiddleston
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @eevee_the_cinnabun, @zoomi_creations, @sabrina_art123, @dan_thefallenstate

Face-off with a friend.

Thor, Hulk, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @starnyrd, @starnyrd, @fandomartsharing, @marvelanddc_heroes

Banding bravery.

Loki, Thor, Valkyrie, Tom Hidddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson
Artwork: Instagram – @fandomartsharing

Prepared for battle.

Thor, Chris Hemsworth
Artwork: Instagram – @happysebbyart, @earlmarrowiv, @carolineanggraini

Put the hammer down!

Artwork: Instagram – @miki_yhcart

Ready for action!

Thor, Chris Hemsworth
Artwork: Instagram – @starnyrd, @spidey_ig

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