New York Comic Con: A Journalist’s Journey Through The Javits Jungle!

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2017 whirled its way through the Jacob Javits Center last weekend and this Fan Fest contributor was right in the eye of the storm! Fans hustled and bustled their way through a maze of overstuffed aisles in search of their favorite fandom treasures. Crowds formed around endless areas of entertainment featuring celebrity interactions. Lines wound their way around halls as excited fans eagerly awaited the opportunity to grab prime seating at their favorite panel. A packed Artist Alley featured amazing artwork as far as the eye could see. Colorful cosplayers were in full force amidst all the enthusiastic chaos.  Needless to say, great photo opportunities could be found around every corner!

New York Comic Con
Just a few excited fans trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebs at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

New York Comic Con is definitely a con of epic proportions. As if the massive amounts of activity inside the Jacob Javits Center weren’t enough, even more events were held in venues outside the Javits. And while I find it difficult to cover every aspect at any given comic convention, it was especially overwhelming trying to navigate and plan my way through a weekend at NYCC. Knowing that I simply could not be everywhere, I decided to focus my attention on the happenings inside the Javits Center. As per usual, I would map out a plan for the day, which would, of course, be immediately thrown off due to unforeseen circumstances. My best advice though has always been to take things in stride and go with the flow because you just never know the unexpected awesomeness the lies ahead. Sometimes the best-laid plans are not to have one at all and NYCC was no exception. 🙂

New York Comic Con, Cosplay, game of Thrones
Shaping up to be a great day at NYCC… Winter has come! Credit: Linda Marie

As I was preparing to write this article it occurred to me that there is just no way to properly describe the ‘feeling’ surrounding such a massive event with words alone. Therefore, considering we live in an age where a photo is worth even more than a thousand words, I’ve decided to let my images do some of the talking for me. For those that were in attendance, I hope my pictures and videos bring back fond memories. For those unable to experience NYCC 2017, I hope I can entice you to join in next year. Thank you for allowing me to take you along on my journey…

Welcome to New York Comic Con.

New York Comic Con
Fans enter the Main Floor at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

No controlling the ever hilarious Michael Rooker.

New York Comic Con, Michael Rooker, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead, Yondu, Merle Dixon
Michael Rooker entertains the audience during his panel at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

Artist Alley awesome!

New York Comic Con, Artist Alley
A packed house in Artist Alley at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

Killer cosplay.

New York Comic Con, Cosplay, Pennywise, Twisty
The clowns are killing it at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

Exciting shows on the way! Ninjak v the Valiant Universe featuring Michael Rowe.

New York Comic Con, Valiant, Bat in the Sun, Ninjak, Michael Rowe
Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe (soon to be released) panel at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

Kevin Smith hosts Live Stage.

Never having seen actor/comedian/podcaster Kevin Smith in action, I decided to make my way over to his Live Stage appearance. A very nice photographer offered me a front row seat and I gratefully accepted. Imagine my surprise to learn Kevin was chatting up cast members from American Gods, The Tick, The Walking Dead, Mirror Black and more. He also hosted famed comic creators Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder as well as rapper/comic creator DMC. I felt incredibly fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Check it out…

New York Comic Con, Kevin Smith, American Gods
Kevin Smith on Live Stage at NYCC with cast members from American Gods. Credit: Linda Marie
New York Comic Con, Kevin Smith, The Tick
Kevin Smith on Live Stage at NYC with cast members from The Tick. Credit: Linda Marie
New York Comic Con, Kevin Smith, The Walking Dead
Kevin Smith on Live Stage at NYCC with cast members from The Walking Dead. Credit: Linda Marie
New York Comic Con, Kevin Smith. Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder
Kevin Smith hosting Live Stage at NYCC with comic creators Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder. Credit: Linda Marie

Merchandise madness!

New York Comic Con
Options abound at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

Artist on The Block: CJ Draden (endorsed by Stan Lee).

New York Comic Con, CJ Draden
Artist CJ Draden putting his skills on display at NYC. Credit: Linda Marie

Cars, robots, spaceships and so much more!

New York Comic Con
Surprises around every corner at NYCC! Credit: Linda Marie

Game time with Power Ranger Jason David Frank.

New York Comic Con, Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank having fun with the fans at NYCC. Credit: Linda Marie

Room with a view.

New York Comic Con
NYCC from above. Credit: Linda marie

Be sure to keep an eye on Fan Fest News for even more coverage and interviews from NYCC 2017. Thank you New York Comic Con for an amazing weekend! See you all next year.




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