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‘The Flash’ Season 3: ‘Run Devil Run’ New Extended Trailer Released

You guys, it’s getting so close! Soon we will be able to step into the third season of The Flash. We are so excited as the ending really did a number on us. He played with the timeline and that is exactly what we didn’t want to see. Although we get that he made the decision to do what he did.


But, we shall wait a few more weeks! In the time that we have to wait, we have a new extended trailer for you. Take a look:


“Two Flashes are better than one. Until one forgets he’s The Flash”.


By the way, did you start hearing it too? Just like the trailer for the Arrow they have this great music on it! It makes us even more excited and we are in for a ride.


As you saw in the trailer, there is a moment where Barry Allen will completely loose himself. Let’s say that is to be taken literally. He will forget the life he had and he will forget that he is The Flash. Which will make us all worried but I’m sure he will fix the timeline at one point!


The Flash will come back with its third season on October 4 on the CW!


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