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‘Arrow’ Season 5: ‘Can’t Be Stopped’ Trailer Released

The CW has released an awesome trailer for season 5 of Arrow. Take a look below:


Not only is the trailer a minute long, it also has a great soundtrack to it. The trailer starts off with Felicity saying that Oliver has been waiting for 5 months for things to go back the way things were. Oliver doesn’t deny it, but he has a lot of anger.


We get a good look at Curtis, who is training to be a part of the team. He has a bit of trouble while training though and it really doesn’t look too good for him! We are sure that he will get to the point of where he needs to be. Let’s just hope that his relationship won’t get destroyed under the pressure of training to become a part of the new Team Arrow.


We will all know when Arrow comes back with a fifth season on October 5 on The CW!




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