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15 Most Popular Cosplay’s at Conventions

Wherever there is a Wizard World, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest or Comic Con events one thing is to be guaranteed. Well, two things actually. First of all, you’re going to have an amazing experience whichever convention you attend. Second, there will almost definitely be cosplayers there. So what exactly is a cosplayer, may you ask? Well, according to my good friend, Webster, Cosplay is defined as: ‘ the activity or practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction (such as a comic book, video game, or television show)’

I have attended several conventions in the past, and I am always amazed by the amazing costumes I see. As a dedicated cosplayer myself, I always admire the work done by my fellow nerd friends. I have gathered together a list of cosplays you are more than likely, guaranteed to see at your local conventions:

15. Ash Ketchum


We’ve always seen AT LEAST one walking around during a convention, with the classic Pikachu donned on the shoulder.

14. Kitana


I have been seeing more and more of this popular Mortal Kombat popping up at conventions lately. The character is pretty bad ass, and the cosplayers always do such an amazing job at really designing this characters outfit and weapons props.

13. Sailor Scouts

Sailor Moon

If there is not a full group walking around as the famed ‘Sailor Scouts’ there are at least one or two from the group that are there. This anime series is still pretty popular today and with its rumored return to US television, I expect these characters to be getting even more popular at conventions.

12. The Winter Soldier

iUUYhnU tumblr_inline_nob231KN1l1rrrkde_500

Originally I was thinking of putting this one a bit lower on the list, but after the recent release of Captain America: Civil War, the number of cosplayers taking this on has increased. I’m always fascinated by how incredibly accurate some cosplayers are are getting the finished look of that metal arm. Talk about amazing talent!

11. Link


I always see AT LEAST a good five or six Link’s at every convention I go to. Most cosplayers stick to the classic ‘Ocarina of Time’ look, and even carry around a working Ocarina with them. I’ve seen some pretty amazing and detailed shields that come along with these cosplayers costumes too.

10. Storm Troopers

tumblr_inline_o6naw1TdqU1ta5edu_500 tumblr_n3rv86A3nJ1sjzbuao1_500

The 501st Legion has always been known for their extremely accurate Storm Trooper cosplays, and a large group of them attend just about every convention that has been invented.

9. Master Chief


This popular Halo hero has been donned at conventions for years. This is another cosplay where I am always absolutely amazed at how incredibly detailed and accurate these cosplays are designed.

8. Deadpool

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Whether it is a ‘Taco Deadpool’, ‘Deadpool with a gigantic fork’ (I actually saw this at HVFF San Jose last year), or just your ordinary ‘Deadpool’… there’s guaranteed to be at least one. Actually, make that about ten. ‘Deadpool’ has always been a pretty iconic character, and has been a cosplay favorite for a very long time. Now that the 20th Century Fox movie has hit the screens, they are becoming more and more frequent. You gotta admire some of the creativity that comes along with these cosplays!

7. Black Canary/The Canary

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

When Arrow Season Two first debuted on television, multiple female cosplayers donned Sara Lance’s ‘Canary’ at conventions. Since Laurel Lance took up the mantle of ‘The Black Canary’ in Season Three, many cosplayers have been making the switch over. I actually frequently cosplay as the Sara Lance ‘Canary’ to conventions, and I always love seeing my ‘canary sisters’. If there are any Arrow guests at the convention you are attending, count on seeing a few of these.

6. Captain America

15 Most Popular Cosplay's at Conventions
Image: Marvel Studios


Ever since the first Captain America flick was released to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the man of stars and stripes has becoming an extremely frequent cosplay. You’ll even find some cosplayers who will tell you exactly how much time they have spend creating their shields themselves. I came across one cosplayer at Wizard World Philadelphia who told me she spent almost three months making her shield, and let me tell you… it looked like something that came right off the set. It was absolutely amazing!

5. Batman

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Batman is awesome, enough said. Whether it is the 1960’s ‘Adam West’ Batman or the recent Ben Affleck version, these cosplayers always go all out.

4. The Arrow/Green Arrow

Arrow-arrow-37870174-500-243 download

As Arrow continues to grow more and more popular, these cosplays continue to appear. I remember when I went to Heroes and Villains in San Jose, Season four had only recently aired. Yet, there were multiple cosplayers who were absolutely dedicated and had already purchased (or made) their own, new Season Four cosplay. I still frequently see the Season One cosplay every now and then, and recently I even saw an ‘island Oliver Queen’. That was pretty wicked!

3. The Joker

giphy tumblr_nhu0qa0epa1r1k6vvo1_500

I’m always entertained by the various ‘Joker’ cosplays that I see. I absolutely adored Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight and whenever I see them walking around, I always compliment them. I always love having fun with those who get really into the Joker character at conventions. They certainly know how to keep you entertained! 🙂

2. Power Rangers


When I went to a Shore Leave Convention in Baltimore, Maryland I actually saw a group of people dressed up as the Power Rangers team. It was so awesome. If you don’t see the whole group of them, I guarantee you that you will at least see someone cosplayed as the Green Ranger. Jason David Frank is a frequent comic con visitor, and loves seeing fans cosplaying his character. Go Go Power Rangers!

1. Harley Quinn

tumblr_inline_mkozzmqyPj1qz4rgp tumblr_o18f27vL6W1qe0fxmo2_540

My friends and I like to play the ‘count the Harley’s’ game, because at every single convention I have attended (or at least seen photos of online), there are at least a good twenty or more Harley Quinn’s there. She is such a great character to cosplay! Not only are there several different versions of her, but she’s just an all around awesome and fun character.

What cosplays do you frequently see at conventions? If you are a cosplayer, who do you ‘cosplay’ as?

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