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Zak Bagans Bought a ‘New’ Car with a Dark History

Generally, I make it a rule to not have haunted or cursed objects within my living space. I personally believe that objects like that exist and rather than harm you, can cause a string of bad luck or misfortune to fall upon you. For paranormal connoisseur Zak Bagans, the possibility of a haunting, a curse, bad luck or misfortune is something he wants to experience each time he purchases a new item for his haunted museum in Las Vegas. As the creator and executive producer of television show Ghost Adventures, Zak is no stranger to the odd, the cursed, the unfortunate and the haunted. Over the years being involved in the business of the paranormal, Zak started to collect items that he found intriguing or with which he felt a close personal bond. It wasn’t long before Zak’s collection grew bigger than where he lived and thus, the Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas was started.

Opened in 2017, The Haunted Museum is centrally located to the Las Vegas strip but is no new kid on the block to the busy city. Built in 1938, the 11,000 square foot original home was once known as the biggest in Las Vegas and today it is known as one of the most haunted. Using nearly 30 rooms, Zak’s collection is one that provides spooky vibes and creepy feelings. From prescription bottles found tableside at the scene of Truman Capote’s death, to what some believe is the most haunted object in the world, the Dybbuk Box. It seems as though Zak isn’t only interested in collecting from the world of the paranormal but from the reality of unknown darkness and sadness.

Zak’s museum is also home to things such as Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s white van that he used to in some of his patients requested assisted suicides, a chair that is said to have been used each morning by Michael Jackson to apply makeup and serial killer Ed Gein’s cauldron, which is said to be the place that Ed boiled human bones of his victims. Adding to his ever-growing collection of the paranormal and dark, Zak has purchased the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro owned by Branch Davidian leader David Koresh who, along with 70 of his followers, perished in 1993 after a 51-day standoff with federal agents. According to the car was seized by federal agents after the standoff and raid and has changed hands multiple times before ending up at a dealer in Arizona back in August. The asking price is exactly what Zak paid for it despite his best-negotiating tactics, and the original miles are still on the car listed at 63,585. While I don’t see this as a paranormal piece going into Zak’s museum, I do see the common theme behind it – the darkness and the unknown.

To most, Zak Bagans is just a ghost hunter with a show, but to follow his work and other ventures that he has done it is easy to see Zak is passionate about human life as a whole. His collection of items from the world of crime, paranormal or even misunderstood is his way of exploring all aspects of life that is never the same for any two people. Whether you are a collector of odd history, a total believer in the paranormal or, you just think this is all just rubbish, a look at how another person views not only their life but life as a whole allows us to want to question everything and seek understanding from the most unlikely of sources.