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Zack Snyder explains why Grant Gustin isn’t his Flash

Published on March 22nd, 2016 | Updated on March 22nd, 2016 | By FanFest

Last year when all of us fan
boys and girls waited around for CW’s
The Flash to air, we got
news from the DCCU overlord Zack
Snyder that
Ezra Miller would be playing the scarlet speedster in the


This was
before we even officially met the TV
universe Flash portrayed by the ever
lovable Grant Gustin. Many fans
were upset
by the news and wanted to know why. The answer we were given from
Snyder and
many DC exects
was that the cinematic universe was a different version of
Earth than what
we had been seeing on TV. Any of
us watching The Flash
are no strangers to the Earth 2 story line,
maybe Synder’s world is taking

place on Earth 12 or something! As a fan of DC comic’s who has lived
the Infinite Earths,
Injustice cross overs, and more reboots than we care to
discuses the concept
was one that was easy to

Recently Zack
Snyder talked to Daily News about his choice to cast Miller
instead of

“I just don’t think it
was a good fit…I’m very
strict with this universe and I just don’t see a
version where…that (tone is)

not our world.”

I know what you are thinking that sounds a bit grumpy
you Mr Snyder how do you
know Gustin couldn’t have pulled it off. Well as a
tremendous fan of Grant
Gustin as the Flash I sort of
have to agree. When the TV
Barry is around he can’t help but make people
happy, he even got the ultra

grumpy Arrow to smile in Arrow season 3. Which is a feat
Oliver was pretty emo last


Lets imagine for a
moment that they did cast Grant in
the cinematic universe, can you
imagine that
Ben Affleck’s Batman wouldn’t be tempted to punch him in the
face…You can’t
smile that
much around the real Batman. Snyder went on to say;

“Even if
Gustin is my favorite guy in the
world and he’s very good, we made a
commitment to the multi-verse (idea), so
it’s just not a thing that’s


So get used to the multi-verse little comic movie friends
enjoy every moment of
getting to see two different people play your favorite
speedster! Try and be
as excited as Ezra Miller is
that there are two of


Jump to 1:45 to
Miller’s thoughts on two
Flashes running through the speed force! It’s going
to be Dope!

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