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Walker Stalker Con: Yvette Nicole Brown says ‘shipping is a dream your heart makes’

Published on October 27th, 2018 | Updated on January 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Yvette Nicole Brown makes her first celebrity appearance at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta this weekend. The longtime Carol/Daryl “shipper” talks about being a good fan.

Actor Yvette Nicole Brown is well know among The Walking Dead fan family. She takes copious notes on each episode in her notebook. Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead often refers to her as a “super fan” of the series. Yvette always seems excited to share her latest theories and predictions for the story line.

Yvette stands by her longing for a romantic relationship between popular characters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier. The show seems to be taking a different direction, however, with King Ezekiel proposing marriage to “Lady” Carol in season 9. While not the “ship” she has been hoping for, this new development does not diminish her fandom for The Walking Dead.

We caught up with Yvette at her inaugural visit to Walker Stalker Con as a celebrity guest. I mentioned how people sometimes agree on plot lines and other times they do not, which occasionally results in some heated debate.

We posed a question to Yvette.

What do you think makes a good fan?

YNB: I think a good fan lets other people handle the fandom how they want to. I think that we have too many people upset about “shipping”. Shipping is a dream your heart makes.

Everybody knows I love Carol. I want [a romantic relationship with Daryl] to happen. But it’s not canon. So I can’t get upset when something is canon.

I have to just keep my dream going on in my mind. And we need to be kinder to each other. We love this show for a reason and it’s not meant to divide us. So we have to do better.

So a good fan is one that loves all and ships how they want and let others do the same.

Thank you to Yvette for chatting with us. If you are at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, be sure to make a visit to Yvette Nicole Brown’s table. Treat yourself to some enthusiastic conversation with a fellow passionate fan!


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