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YouTube the New Reality TV Star

Published on January 6th, 2018 | Updated on January 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

Welcome dear readers to a new series I am hoping to start very soon. However, I must give you a bit of a backstory to bring you up to speed on where the idea came from. A couple of months ago I returned home from the office expecting a loving response from my darling family. I entered my living room to find no one. I entered my youngest daughter’s room to find her sitting on her bed staring blankly at her phone. I call out to her “Hark, my darling child, tis your mother returning from her daily travels” only to be met with silence. Of course, I thought she must not have heard me, so I walk closer. “Dear Child, tis your mother please place thy loving gaze upon thee”. Again, met with silence so I look over her shoulder to see what she is so entranced with that she couldn’t even say hello and of course, it was YouTube. My arch nemesis, we meet yet again. See we have been fighting for a couple of months for the attention of my daughter and this time it had won again. So, licking my hurt mom wounds I carry on with my journey to my room.

Now I enter my room defeated but YouTube felt I hadn’t had enough. See dear readers my husband has half of the room has his man/nerd cave. I enter the room and call out “My darling love it is I, your love returning from a long and weary day of travels” and again met with silence. At that point, I realized that one he had headphones on and two he was watching some guy playing video games on YouTube. YES, he was WATCHING some other guy PLAYING video games. I can understand playing video games but watching someone else playing video games for hours boggles my mind.


This interaction with my family got me thinking about how much my family is addicted to watching YouTubers. I don’t mean for music videos or tv shows but for the YouTubers themselves. We have stuff that my family has told me is called YouTuber “merch” which is basically stuff we have bought that they sell. I have been schooled about “content”, “brand” and other YouTuber lingo. Now my family members have their favorites and I have learned more about these YouTubers from my family than I will probably get from interviewing them personally. Truthfully, they might need to be concerned really. However, I started researching my family’s favorites then moved to other famous YouTubers to learn more. There is rarely a topic that you cannot find someone doing a tutorial on.  I have learned how to apply make-up, how to cook and yes how to play a video game.   Of course, I have yet to contour my make-up, saute anything or play that video game but hey I watched the video so in theory, I could if I tried.

I found that some of these people have become millionaires from doing this gig. Nothing makes you reevaluate your life decisions than realizing people have made that kind of money just by making videos. I have also found that some have taken their fame as a chance to make the world a better place. So, I am reaching out to some of the YouTubers for the chance to interview them. I want to learn what they did before YouTube, how they started their channel and what they see happening in their future. I want to get to know the people who are putting the “You” in YouTube.  These people have taken “reality” star to a whole another level.  So hopefully I will hear back from some of the YouTube celebs and I can share with you dear readers what I have learned.


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