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Youtube Group ‘Try Guys’ Star Ned Fulmer Fired Due To Cheating

Published on September 28th, 2022 | Updated on September 28th, 2022 | By FanFest

After allegations surfaced that Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife, Ariel Fulmer, with a woman in their group and then lied about it, the popular YouTube channel The Try Guys fired him. After sleuths noticed that he was being edited out of recent Try Guys episodes, rumors circulated online about him having a “consensual” workplace relationship.

The Try Guys announced Tuesday that Ned Fulmer is no longer going to be apart of the group. They stated, “As a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a path forward together. We thank you for your support as we navigate this change.” The Try Guys are very thankful for all the support from their fans during this difficult time.

Ariel and Fulmer have two children together, for which Ariel drew gratefulness from fans in a statement of her own. “Nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family, and all we request right now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our kids,” she worded with a request for privacy on behalf of their kids.

Zach, Keith, and Eugene are also members of the Try Guys.


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