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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Pilot”

East Texas, 1989.

Sheldon is 9 years-old and is going into the 9th grade. He doesn’t get along with his siblings, George Jr. and Missy, and thinks his home life is a zoo. His parents don’t agree on how to handle his intelligence and everyone makes fun of him.

His interest in science began with Professor Proton and his love of trains. Although, if you watch TBBT, you’ll know that.

It’s the first day of school and Sheldon can’t find his bow tie… he’s going to have a wonderful time in high school. His mother bribes him to take off the tie with a trip to RadioShack. He agrees and immediately starts having strong opinions on the environment.

This angers his teachers and embarrasses his brother.

Unfortunately, the Coopers don’t have a choice, Sheldon has to attend that school. Fortunately, his mother believes in him and his father gives him some valuable advice: mind your own business.


This episode was cute. It’s still too soon to tell how the show will pan out but it was cute. It being the pilot also made it difficult to do anything except introduce the characters and situation. But nonetheless, it was a decent series opener. What did you guys think?

Young Sheldon returns on a new night, Thursday, November 2nd on CBS.


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