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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Demons, Sunday School, And Prime Numbers”

Published on January 12th, 2018 | Updated on January 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

Sheldon, Tam, and Billy are playing Dungeons & Dragons in the shed. They are on a quest that involves the devil and Mary doesn’t find that appropriate for her Religious household. She thinks the game will corrupt Sheldon.


George and Meemaw don’t see anything wrong with the game and that Mary shouldn’t scare off his only friends.

So Mary goes to Billy’s dad to discuss the demon game. He assures her that there’s nothing wrong with the game. Not feeling any better about it, she goes to Tam’s parents. Tam’s father basically tells her that there are worse things in the world, but agrees with her to get her to leave.

Mary invites Pastor Jeff over to discuss the game. Pastor Jeff suggests Sunday School and of course, there is pushback from Sheldon. To try to cater to Sheldon, Pastor Jeff asks what kind of scientist comes to a conclusion without doing research? Sheldon still refuses to go and casts an invisibility spell on himself.

Later that night, Mary catches Sheldon reading the Bible. He’s studying for Sunday School.

Sunday School goes well and much to Mary’s dismay, Sheldon decides to explore other religions. He asks Tam about Catholicism and the Librarian about Mormon. Both discussions make him feel bad. Meemaw even takes Sheldon to visit one of her boyfriends, who just so happens to be Jewish.

‘”That’s how you know it’s working.” – Tam

Meemaw takes Sheldon to visit one of her boyfriends, who just so happens to be Jewish. Sheldon presents his findings to his mother who ultimately lets him find his own religion.


Sheldon falls asleep and dreams about understanding God. He meets 1 and 0 who tell him that the word is made of opposites. Good and bad, light and dark, etc… and this gets Sheldon’s wheels turning.

Sheldon decides to create his own religion: mathology. His only convert is Billy.


One thing that has been evident in this show and The Big Bang Theory is that Sheldon’s views on religion differ greatly from his mother’s. This episode resonated with me because I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school and I never quite “got it.” I didn’t blindly believe and my parents encouraged exploration. This episode dug deep into Sheldon’s relationship with religion and with science. Hopefully, we can now get a look into why Sheldon hates things like Christmas, Greek food, birthday parties or birds.


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