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‘Young Sheldon’ recap “A Parasol and a Hell of an Arm”

Published on November 7th, 2019 | Updated on November 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s carnival time and almost everyone is excited! Sheldon is afraid of everything and Meemaw is still getting over her break up. Mary is in charge of the carnival and despite charity, she won’t the Pastor put Sheldon in the dunk tank. Even if he is using a parasol. At the carnival Pastor Jeff is in the dunk tank and Missy has quite an arm! She dunks him seven times in a row.

Eddy Chen/2019 Warner Bros.

Missy tells George that she wants to join the baseball team. Sheldon spews some baseball facts at her to help her get ready for her tryout. Unfortunately, coach Dale (Craig T. Nelson) won’t even give her a chance.

Mary takes Sheldon to his class because Meemaw is still not up to it. All she wants to do is drink and be sad. Luckily Missy’s situation gives her the spark she needs to get up and start getting back to her old self. Missy makes the team and Meewmaw gets a date.

Robert Voets/2019 Warner Bros.

Haha Georgie! He was stuck listening to older women vent. He was very sweet to go check on Veronica. Plus his lines were brilliant! This episode was great! I loved how Missy proved herself to the coach! I can’t wait to see her next week.

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