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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Mother, A Child, And A Blue Man’s Backside”

Published on April 12th, 2018 | Updated on April 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

Missy is reading Cosmo and  Mary doesn’t approve of. This prompts Mary to check Sheldon and Missy’s room. She finds Sheldon’s copy of Watchmen and flips out. She goes to the comic book store to confront the owner. Needless to say, she’s embarrassing Sheldon. Her issue: Dr. Manhattan’s blue backside.

She takes Sheldon’s comic books. He smarts off and that doesn’t get him anywhere. He brought up that if her argument is based on how appropriate the material is, than she should take the Bible from him too. Now he’s cooking his own dinner to provide for himself. He even tucks himself in.

George is loving Mary’s willpower but Sheldon is finding being an adult much harder than he thought. Especially when he needs Mary to sign a permission slip for him. Sheldon goes to the Guidance counselor to see about a college far away from home: Harvard. How’s he going to pay the application fee?


Sheldon applies for a job at RadioShack. Unfortunately, being 11 has it’s downfalls as they can’t hire children. He goes to Meemaw to see if he can do chores for her. Meemaw has him tend to her garden. A national weather service announcement comes on about a tornado watch. Mary freaks out and goes to get Sheldon. He resists until the tornado siren sounds. The whole family hides in the bathroom until it passes.

The storm didn’t do too much damage, and if anything, it made Sheldon realize how much he still needs his mom.


This episode was cute. Every child brought up in a Catholic household can relate to this. I loved how when Mary said that he’s an adult and comic books are for kids, he ran with it. The way Mary outsmarts Sheldon is beautiful. I get where Missy gets her sassiness from now. I liked how this episode featured Sheldon more and there was a lot to it. This is one of my favorite episodes.


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