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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Brisket, Voodoo, And Cannonball Run”

Mmm brisket… nothing is better than Meemaw’s brisket. Good thing she’s bringing the brisket to the church picnic. It’s truly magical. Unfortunately, Meemaw won’t share the recipe.

George and Mary are arguing about how Meemaw treats him and Missy thinks they might get a divorce.

'Young Sheldon' Recap "A Brisket, Voodoo, And Cannonball Run"

George stays home from the picnic with Georgie (he was grounded for eavesdropping). They go over to Meemaw’s to look for the recipe.

Meemaw of course, finds out they were there because they didn’t put her recipe boxes back correctly. She didn’t write it down, so it’s useless for them to search her house.

Meemaw brings George a beer to make it up to him. She also brings “the recipe.” It turns out that George’s absence from the picnic hurt his wife and kids and she doesn’t want them to fight anymore.

'Young Sheldon' Recap "A Brisket, Voodoo, And Cannonball Run"

He sets out to make Meemaw’s famous brisket. He’s so excited that he doesn’t notice how ridiculous the recipe sounds. Meemaw wrote down ridiculous things knowing he’d follow it to a T. She did that to get back at him for breaking into her house, and because she wanted fancy coffee.

He finally gets to try his creation and realizes he’s been duped. He looses it.

Georgie, Sheldon and Missy talk about their parents and Meemaw fighting. Missy picks up a train and starts to play with it. This prompts Sheldon to recall a memory of Meemaw revealing the recipe. He remembers everything she told him even though he wasn’t even two years old.

He gathers the family to bring the recipe out into the pubic. The threat brings Meemaw and George together and their relationship was mended. He gets the recipe and Meemaw finally acknowledges that he is a great father and son-in-law.


This episode reveals that Sheldon has an eidetic memory and proves that it is in fact a gift and a curse. I liked this episode because it didn’t focus completely on Sheldon and instead focused on the family and brisket, who doesn’t love a good brisket. This episode was relateable and ended on a good note. Everything is better when the family gets along.


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