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Young Guru Shares Proof of Jay-Z Recording ‘God Did’ Verse in One Take and Its Amazing

Published on September 6th, 2022 | Updated on September 6th, 2022 | By FanFest

In one take, JAY-Z spit his feature verse on DJ Khaled‘s Billboard chart-topping album track “GOD DID” according to Young Guru.

On Sunday, Guru uploaded a photo on Instagram featuring a slide show of two photos from the session he recorded HOV’s verse, both of which display one audio recording for the entire session.

In the lengthy caption of his post, JAY-Z’s longtime engineer went further, doubling down on his original claims and detailing the high level of preparation HOV goes through before even stepping into the booth to record a verse like that.

Young Guru Shares Proof of Jay-Z Recording ‘God Did’ Verse in One Take and Its Amazing

Young Guru clarified that this is the only time he’ll ever do this by writing, “This is first and last time I’m gonna do this,”

“You have to realize how much work is done before he goes in the booth. Questions like, ‘are these the right words’, ‘are you going in the right direction’, ‘is this the best flow’ are all answered and addressed mentally way before you record. Then you say the verse over and over in the control room to memorialize it.”

He continued: “Does jay do EVERY verse in one take? No. But has he done A LOT of verses in one take? Hell yes!!! I have no reason to [Hat/cap emoji]! Look at the zoom in of the screen. There are no chops or breaks in that audio. This ‘I don’t believe you unless I see it’ thing is foreign to me. So here is your proof. It doesn’t matter if you believed me…..God Did!!!”


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The candid images add to Young Guru’s previous tale, in which he claimed that he watched JAY-Z record his four-minute verse during a listening session with GQ’s Frazier Thorpe and Rob Markman of Genius and DJ Khaled.

However, on August 31 during a Twitter Spaces discussion with MSNBC news anchor Ari Melber, music producer Rob Markman and DJ Khaled, among others, JAY-Z appeared to brush aside the significance of Young Guru’s allegation by claiming that he felt he cheated the verse’s delivery.


JAY-Z told DJ Khaled that while he was waiting for the beat, he  was looping it inside the control room and rapping over any part. He noted that sometimes the drops happened in wrong places.

He then admitted: “So I cheated a couple times before I went in the booth, I was playing it in the control room; so when I went in the booth it was pretty much a done deal.”

Young Guru’s photographic proof of JAY-Z’s one-take verse for “GOD DID’ follows several other major co-signs on the potency of HOV’s bars. Along with NBA champion Lebron James, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber was also a fan of the verse, and released a nearly 12-minute breakdown Beat report on JAY-Z’s behemoth guest feature — which was uploaded to Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL by the Roc Nation head honcho. Check it out below.


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