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Yellowstone 6666: What We Know About the Upcoming Spinoff

Published on November 6th, 2023 | Updated on November 30th, 2023 | By FanFest

Yellowstone 6666: A Patiently Awaited Frontier in Western Entertainment

yellowstone 6666

The success of Taylor Sheridan‘s popular Paramount Network series Yellowstone has sparked a wave of new Western-themed productions. As the show enters its fifth and final season, it continues to resonate strongly with audiences, leading to the development of multiple prequels, spin-offs, and similar Western-themed projects since 2018. However, there’s one particular venture helmed by Sheridan that has been patiently awaiting its turn in the spotlight: the highly-anticipated 6666. While this project has been in the works for some time, it is finally set to see the light of day, albeit with a timeline that may require a bit of patience.

What’s the Premise of ‘6666’?

yellowstone 6666

Several years ago, Taylor Sheridan unveiled an exciting spin-off project aimed at expanding his television domain and delving deeper into the world of the Dutton family. However, since then, there has been limited information regarding this endeavor. This new series, named “6666,” is poised to unfold on the historic Four Sixes Ranch, located in Guthrie, Texas. It promises to offer a unique perspective on the lives of some of the toughest cowboys in America, all through the lens of Texan culture. Sheridan’s roots trace back to Texas, endowing this state with special significance for him. Furthermore, the Western genre itself is deeply intertwined with the Lone Star State, which boasts a rich and vibrant history entwined with the mythos of the American West.

Though the exact details of “6666” remain largely shrouded in mystery, we do know that the series is set in the present day and was envisioned as a companion piece to “Yellowstone” in the same way “Angel” complemented “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” However, with “Yellowstone” scheduled to conclude in November 2024, it appears that “6666” may either stand alone for a period or become intertwined with the forthcoming sequel series set to premiere in the wake of “Yellowstone’s” final curtain call. Regardless, the prospect of following Texan cowboys as they navigate the vast landscapes of the north-central plains of the Lone Star State, although not quite as far as the panhandle, is undeniably intriguing. Especially for those who find the Dutton Ranch storylines in “Yellowstone” to be the most captivating aspect of the series.

‘Yellowstone’ Opened the Door for ‘6666,’ but Failed to Walk Through

yellowstone 6666

In the fourth season of Yellowstone, a significant turning point occurred in the character arc of Jimmy Hurdstrom (played by Jefferson White). He faced banishment from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, a decision that came about due to his betrayal of John Dutton‘s (Kevin Costner) trust and his failure to keep his word regarding his participation in the rodeo circuit. This unexpected twist in Jimmy’s journey led him to the vast expanse of Texas, where he found himself at the Four Sixes Ranch, an environment that would shape him into a genuine cowboy and help him truly appreciate his blessings. It was here that Jimmy’s heart also found love, as he became engaged to Emily (portrayed by Kathryn Kelly), much to the dismay of his former barrel-racing girlfriend. This newfound chapter in his life marked a crucial period of growth for Jimmy, offering a fresh array of possibilities for his character.

As the Season 4 finale titled “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops” unfolded, a surprising development took place. Jimmy’s return to the Yellowstone Ranch was met with a momentous decision. He approached John Dutton and made an unexpected request to remain at the Four Sixes Ranch permanently. In a remarkable display of support and acknowledgment of Jimmy’s personal growth, John Dutton granted his request. He recognized the transformation in the once-troubled young man, as well as the genuine love between Jimmy and Emily. Consequently, Jimmy was effectively written out of the show, and he was conspicuously absent throughout the first half of Season 5, with the exception of the final episode titled “A Knife and No Coin.”

In this season’s concluding episode, it was revealed that Jimmy and Emily had happily tied the knot, leaving viewers with a tantalizing hint that he might eventually return to the Dutton Ranch in the latter half of the season to lend a helping hand. This marked a significant shift in Jimmy’s character arc, as he embarked on a new chapter of his life filled with growth, love, and fresh opportunities.

When questioned about his departure from Yellowstone to join the 6666 ranch, actor Jefferson White found himself in a state of uncertainty. White shared his thoughts with Looper after the conclusion of Yellowstone’s fourth season, saying, “It’s really a matter of where life takes me. Just like in real life, sometimes we don’t have too many options. Jimmy, in particular, didn’t have the luxury of choices. He was plucked from one world, picked up, and placed on the Yellowstone ranch… So, it’s fitting that I, too, don’t have many choices in this regard.”

Taylor Sheridan Says ‘6666’ Is Still Coming

yellowstone 6666

Despite Jimmy’s imminent spin-off series launch in Texas, there have been noticeable delays. The extensive time dedicated to exploring the Four Sixes in Season 4 and our brief revisit in Season 5 highlights the substantial groundwork required. Fans are eagerly anticipating the unraveling of the 6666 storyline. Moreover, the decision to air the spin-off on the Paramount Network instead of Paramount+ upon its release has piqued the curiosity of fans, raising questions about what this Texas-based series will offer. So, one may wonder, how does 6666 fit into Taylor Sheridan’s hectic schedule? The answer is that he’s actively involved in its development.

Taylor Sheridan, a multi-talented figure in the entertainment industry with a plethora of projects to his name, is not limited to just the Yellowstone Universe. In addition to his work on Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, and Special Ops: Lioness, he has a deep involvement in the creation of 6666, a highly anticipated spin-off. Furthermore, he is at the helm of Yellowstone and its 1923 prequel, and it is presumed that he will play a crucial role in the upcoming 2024 release. Not to be overlooked are his contributions to other Dutton-related ventures like 1944 and Lawman: Bass Reeves.

However, Taylor Sheridan has decided to put 6666 on hold for the time being. This decision is driven by a desire to carefully consider the best course of action for the series. In a candid 2023 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the former cowboy turned filmmaker emphasized the need for a unique level of attention when dealing with 6666. He explained, “The Four Sixes spin-off, for a number of reasons, needs a unique level of special care because this is a real place with real families working here.” Sheridan stressed the importance of respecting the historical lineage and heritage associated with this project. In his own words, he expressed his request to the Paramount Network, stating, “You have to respect the lineage. I’ve told them to be patient.” It is a testament to Taylor Sheridan’s stature in the industry that he can confidently ask a major studio to exercise patience, even years after the official announcement of a show.

Taylor Sheridan Owns the Historic Four Sixes Ranch in Real Life

yellowstone 6666

Sheridan’s perspective might hold merit. He not only grasps the intricacies of filming on a functioning ranch due to his experience with Yellowstone but also happens to be the owner of the historic ranch he intends to feature in his upcoming series. In a significant move, Sheridan acquired the Four Sixes in 2021, investing over $320 million following the passing of its former proprietor. With a vast expanse of around 270,000 acres at his disposal, there’s no denying that Sheridan is living out his own Dutton-inspired dream on this cherished land.

Sheridan’s decision to leave Los Angeles at the earliest opportunity and return to his home state carries a compelling rationale. He emphasized the unique kindness he has found in Texas, a trait he feels is often lacking in many other parts of the country. In his own words during an interview with Cowboys & Indians, “There’s a kindness in Texas that I find lacking in many other parts of the country. Anywhere you go in Texas, there is a genuine concern for another person’s well-being. I just think it creates a structure of society that is very harmonious.” While Montana holds a special place in his heart, it’s apparent that Texas occupies the softest corner, a place he aspires to showcase to the world through his series, 6666, one day.

“Texans are known for embodying a unique sense of identity that’s deeply rooted in their state,” he observed. This distinct Texan spirit reflects a combination of class and confidence that seems to be a common trait among the people of the Lone Star State. It’s also characterized by a fundamental respect for others, regardless of their differing opinions. Texans understand the value of respecting someone’s right to agree or disagree.”

If this is the mindset that guides Sheridan as he crafts episodes for 6666, there’s every reason to believe that the series will be as exceptional, if not superior, to the beloved Yellowstone flagship show. We’re willing to wait for something of that caliber.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Universe Will Live On Beyond The Flagship Series

yellowstone 6666

Kevin Costner may be bidding adieu to the Yellowstone universe following Season 5, but this neo-Western franchise is far from fading into obscurity. The eagerly awaited second season of “1923,” headlined by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, is already in the works, and “Lawman: Bass Reeves,” the inaugural season of a broader Western anthology, is set to debut on Paramount+ in November 2023. The future holds even more promise, with a Matthew McConaughey-led sequel series in development and another prequel, “1944,” on the horizon. The enduring appeal of the Dutton family, central to Yellowstone, transcends Kevin Costner’s presence, as long as creator Taylor Sheridan continues to craft their stories. This assures that the Yellowstone franchise will remain a dominant force in the world of neo-Western storytelling.

Yellowstone is available for streaming exclusively on Peacock and airs Sundays on CBS.


Quick summary

  1. Taylor Sheridan’s highly-anticipated spin-off series, “6666,” is set to expand the Yellowstone universe by offering a unique perspective on the lives of Texas cowboys at the historic Four Sixes Ranch.
  2. While the exact details of “6666” remain a mystery, it was initially envisioned as a companion piece to “Yellowstone,” and its storyline is set in the present day.
  3. Delays in the series launch have occurred, but Taylor Sheridan remains actively involved in its development, emphasizing the need for special care due to the real-life location’s historical lineage and heritage.
  4. Despite the imminent end of “Yellowstone,” the Yellowstone franchise continues to thrive with new projects, ensuring its enduring presence in the world of neo-Western storytelling.

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