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Xbox Game Pass Surprises With Some Extra Titles For May

Published on May 22nd, 2019 | Updated on May 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Xbox Game Pass is already a fantastic deal for consumers, and somehow from month to month it just keeps getting better. While it may be devoid of big triple A affair, Game Pass decided to drop a few extra titles in May and show us a little bit of what is coming in June.

Here is the tweet!

They also gave us some dates as to when we can expect them, including some this week.

Metal Gear Survive – May 23th

The Banner Saga – May 23th

Void Bastards – May 29th

Dead by Daylight – May 30th

Outer Wilds – May 30th

Full Metal Furies – June 6th

The Banner Saga 2 – June 6th

Superhot – June 6th

Some of these games have already been given away on Xbox Live’s Games With Gold (looking at you Banner Saga and Superhot) but in any case there are still several gems here especially if you missed out on either Gold titles. Game Pass had a deal recently where you could sign up or resubscribe for just a dollar for 3 months, a killer special. If you did not get to take advantage of that, Game Pass is not that expensive at only $9.99 a month, and with E3 coming up Microsoft is bound to be running more deals like that.

There are a few of these you need to make sure and download to try. Superhot is an absolutely incredible experience. It is a puzzle game where your movements make time move forward. You have to kill or be killed in this one, and you feel like a secret agent while doing it. Trust me, it is super cool. Void Bastards also looks great. A space ship shooter that does not take itself too seriously, I am looking forward to its comic book style graphics. If I am not mistaken this is another straight to Game Pass title.

There is plenty to love with Game Pass, and with E3 around the corner I would not be surprised to see some more great games coming in June!

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