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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Gonna Getcha Good”

Published on June 25th, 2017 | Updated on June 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s homecoming weekend in Purgatory, and Wynonna’s not only going up against a demon but people she knew from high school. Of course, homecoming weekend is filled with more than drunks because it is Purgatory and it wouldn’t be an episode of Wynonna Earp if there weren’t a new demon to contend with.

While Purgatory High alumni are rolling into town preparing for homecoming fun, the police (and Wynonna) are preparing for whatever may be heading their way. For Nicole and the chief, that was the potential of public drunkenness. Of course, things get complicated when one of the players from the schools ’07 team is found dead in front of the display case with his liver torn out. Cue Black Badge and Wynonna.

She soon finds herself dealing with the homecoming demon that’s after former players to get his pound of flesh in return for their wish to win a game. She’s also dealing with whatever ominous feeling she’s been having that something big and bad is coming their way, and she can’t figure out what it is. Her frustration starts to hit its peak when Waverly explains that whatever demon they are tracking down was not tied to the broken seal Wynonna had been having dreams about. That frustration leads to Wynonna taking it out on Doc, asking questions about Rosita and what he’s been up to. His answers lead back to the topic of Dolls as he tells her that he hired Rosita at the bar as a cover so that she can cook up the drugs Dolls needed to prevent himself from going all glowy-eyed.

Elsewhere, Waverly’s demon-y side is coming out more often and while Wynonna seems to be none the wiser, Nicole’s starting to worry. That concern quickly turns her dynamic with the Earps contentious as she brings up the changes she’s seen in Waverly to Wynonna. The eldest Earp quickly jumps to her sister’s defense which makes sense and paired with her concern about Waverly sacrificing herself for the sake of the relationship, lands Nicole at odds with Wynonna.

It takes until Wynonna and Waverly’s moment together after securing the demon back in the trophy for the older Earp to realize something’s not right. It becomes blatantly clear in the final moments of the hour as Dolls drags himself through the barn and comes upon a possessed Waverly putting together all of the silver that she’s been weirdly collecting into a neat pile. As Dolls is asking for Waverly’s help, she just continues to ignore him.

While Wynonna and the team are tracking down the demon, we see more of Mercedes and her family, who according to her were living Grey Gardens-type lives of reclusiveness, in this week’s episode. The pair of younger siblings came off as entitled, especially when it came to Mercedes’ brother who Nicole arrested for taking upskirt photos but was released because of the family name. You couldn’t help but feel annoyed at the show of privilege as you sided with Nicole on this one. Of course, just as we’re getting to appreciate Mercedes’ presence on the show, the eerie veiled creature makes its return and grabs her, and from the sound as the screen goes to black, that’ll be the last time we see her.

Now the question is, what’s the deal with Waverly? With Dolls reappearance, how much trouble is everyone in? What was haunting Mercedes and does it have anything to do with the seal?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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